Are we a nation of dumb people?

There are those who consider that people who believe in an Almighty Being who brought the World into existence, who sustains it by His power and who loves His creation infinitely are a bit insane and to be distrusted.

Yet, these same people are happy for the State to assume powers that belong to that Almighty Being alone, such as the hour and manner of the death of its citizens, despite recent history suggesting that this may not be a wise idea.

Even if God were not to exist and all believers to be cruelly deceived, I'd still think, given the way the 20th century went, that the dumber contingent would be those who considered the State to be a reliable and trustworthy source of moral authority and wise judgment, especially when it comes to the matter of discerning the value of the lives of those citizens - of who should live and who should die.

I must confess that I am feeling rather low. My Grandma's just died, a homeless man I knew just died alone in a shop doorway and the British State is using psychological warfare on its own citizens, including me, trying to convince a nation that it would really be best if the wishes of the parents of terminally sick kids were ignored and an NHS doctor just walked round the wards pulling the plugs of life support machines from around the hospital walls like they'd just finished hoovering the floor.  Why? Because the views of those Christians (let's just call them 'parents') are not valid medical opinions, while the opinions of the Chief Executive of the Primary Care Trust, on the other hand, as s/he glances over the latest report of budgetary cuts, are. And then, as if all that were not bad enough, you read the eerie report in The Telegraph on the subject and the readers agree that this is a jolly good idea!

God help us. And these people think we're dumb! What a nation of lemmings! In their hatred and suspicion of the Church and Christians, they place all their trust, loyalty and even the value of the lives of their children in the hands a British State awash with people who, literally, despise human beings, even though they've watched TV documentaries about Hitler and Stalin and know how many people were killed once the State assumed the very same powers!


Dominic said…
I'm very sorry to hear about your Grandma, Laurence. Prayers for her (and you) at Mass tomorrow.
Physiocrat said…
Why do you think I left? And do you think the comments in the Guardian are any better?

Or are they all unrepresentative?
John said…
Yeah, it's better to keep a piece of meat animated in a hospital like a luxury vegetable. The problem with Christiots is they don't ever take a nuanced view of difficult issues (the simple solution is always accepted because, let's face it, Chrustianism always was a reductive moral slop). Because modern medicine, using entirely unnatural techniques, can keep the body one-step from a corpse, pumping the blood through a series of intrusive and painful plastic tubes, stimulating the worn out heart etc etc- in short- refusing it death, Christiots argue it should do this, and to not do so is evil.

A second problem is reliance on empty rhetoric. Criticising budgetary decisions in a hospital is a good example. Because your average thick s a coward as well as a dunce, she will stick to mud slnging rather than making counter proposals so that the point at issue might be debated in an adult fashion. Intensive care is expensive. Around 40% of the NHS budget is used up on sustaining false hopes and keeping the near-dear in unnatural mechanical agony. This money might be better used on palliative care or preventive medicine (more humane/ effective respectively and cheaper). It might not be, but this is a point to debate, not to sweep aside with empty god rhetoric (Jesus said surprisingly little about the modern intensive care unit. Another thick favourite is to imagine their arbitrary assumptions are actually things god wants them to do, the evidence is never presented however. I'll happily back down if you show me where Jesus says all this about needing to torment the dying in modern hospital wards). Anyway, since the thicko refuses to present an alternative her arguments are frauds. What should the NHS do? Refuse to let anyone die? Bankrupt itself paying for pointless treatments that give the near-dead a few more days of agony? We're all ears

I am sorry about your loss, but untruth is never the answer. I hope you feel better soon
The Bones said…
It is better to value human life from conception to death than assume the role of God and take it.

It is better to allow parents to love, pray and care for sick children, then allow an institution of doctors and nurses fast known for unpleasant eugenic views to 'take over' all responsibility for life and death.

History itself shows this. Just because he hasn't got a funny moustache doesn't mean your doctor doesn't or couldn't share the same views as Hitler over the terminally ill and sick.

But no, we have no trust in God at all.

Best leave it to the State to decide, right.

Because that always works out well...

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