Thank You For Your Prayers

Readers will be delighted to hear that the girl, a rough sleeper called Denise, taken ill with plurosy, who I asked readers to pray for, who was on life support at Royal Sussex Hospital is now, in the words of her friend, 'Doing okay, much better.'

Thank you for your prayers, thank you Mary, Blessed Mother of God and thanks be to God! Obviously, its just a coincidence that people prayed and her condition improved. Stupid Christians!

The sooner stupid praying Christians are out of the way and doctors can turn off life support machines, the better! Keep praying for her that her recovery may be full and her strength improves.


Anonymous said…
Thank you dear Mother Mary for your intercession to our Heavenly Father.

Matthaeus said…
Good to hear that she is improving.

I was put in mind of the words of a venerable old priest who taught me many years ago at school. I had gone to the chapel to pray (I can't now recall the intention) when Father came in on his way to the sacristy. As he passed me he just wispered, almost as an aside to himself, "It works, you know".

Will keep up the prayers.

Deo gratias.

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