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Today's Must Read...

Image surely Fr Hunwicke's Liturgical Notes.
Corruption, which is always something done 'in secret' seems to be 'one of the greatest evils'  in the world today, according to His Holiness.
Therefore, the cloak of 'anonymity' should not be enforced upon those present at the Synod.
Let the Bishops and Cardinals speak their minds and be seen to be accountable, not only to God,  but to the People of God for having said it.
If it is anonymous, it isn't really Parrhesia.
"A synod without freedom is not a synod. It is a conference. The synod, instead, is a protected space in which the Holy Spirit can work. And for this reason the persons must be free. This is why I will not allow the things that each one says to be published with name and surname. No, it should not be known who has said it. I have no problem with revealing what has been said, but not who has said it, in such a way that one may feel free to say what one wishes." ~ Pope Francis

Bishop Richard Moth Installation Mass Homily

Bishop Richard Moth was installed today as 5th Bishop of Arundel and Brighton on the fiftieth anniversary of the foundation of the Diocese at Arundel Catherdral, Arundel. You can read his homily here.

Deo gratias!
Pray for him.
Pray for this Diocese.

Top Ten Causes of the Irish Referendum Result

As the Irish Bishops and clergy commiserate themselves, or celebrate, at the result in Ireland, an in-depth review is taking place within the Church in Ireland as to what or who is to blame for the massive 'up yours' that the Irish people have delivered to Almighty God.

1. The leaked memo details the 10 main causes of the terrible result with the Pet Shop Boys leading the names blamed in the analysis. While this band are not said to be Irish, their influence is global and will have had some effect on the outcome.

2. The influence of Graham Norton cannot be underestimated in the Bishops view.

3. Meanwhile, this leprechaun is thought to have played a major role. According to the memo, the Bishops would like to find him and give him a good talking to, but in a non-judgmental, inclusive way, on the subject.

4. This rainbow caused quite a stir in Dublin with a nation seldom known to be in any way superstitious, taking it as a sign that God was casting His vote for same-sex marriage, n…

On Saints and Scholars

St Patrick drove them out. His Successors invited them back in. I must confess that I haven't been praying much about Ireland until recently when it has dawned on me (I'm a little slow, you know) that the culture of death strangling most of Europe is about to wrap its constrictor-like form around the land of 'Saints and scholars'.

We should pray very much for this coiuntry. We shouldn't be surprised, even if we are horrified by Ireland's free-fall collapse. What a King did for England, the Church itself has done for Ireland, which is made the more disturbing because Ireland's stunning apostasy has occurred with no threat of violence whatsoever and within a single generation. If they vote yes, then the Irish are actually voting for their own destruction, whereas in England the cultural and religious revolution and its horrendous aftermath was imposed from above.

If the 'exit polls' in the referendum for Jesus Christ Vs Satan are anything to go by, t…

Those 'Moveable' Days


Your Official Catholic Blogger's Voting Guide

Step 1: Walk into polling booth with polling card and remove Pritt Stick glue and image of Christ the King from pocket.

Step 2: Take polling card and fasten image of Christ the Eternal King in a space where yet no other name appears, perhaps sticking the image at the top of the polling card, since 'He must be King until He has put all his enemies under His feet and the last of these enemies is' Caroline Lucas.

Step 3: Mark a clear X next to the image of Christ the King to show that in no way are you spoiling your ballot paper, but are, in fact, beautifying it with the image of our Redeemer.

Step 4: Pray the prayer for the conversion of England and leave the polling booth.