Top Ten Causes of the Irish Referendum Result

As the Irish Bishops and clergy commiserate themselves, or celebrate, at the result in Ireland, an in-depth review is taking place within the Church in Ireland as to what or who is to blame for the massive 'up yours' that the Irish people have delivered to Almighty God.

1. The leaked memo details the 10 main causes of the terrible result with the Pet Shop Boys leading the names blamed in the analysis. While this band are not said to be Irish, their influence is global and will have had some effect on the outcome.

2. The influence of Graham Norton cannot be underestimated in the Bishops view.

3. Meanwhile, this leprechaun is thought to have played a major role. According to the memo, the Bishops would like to find him and give him a good talking to, but in a non-judgmental, inclusive way, on the subject.

4. This rainbow caused quite a stir in Dublin with a nation seldom known to be in any way superstitious, taking it as a sign that God was casting His vote for same-sex marriage, neglecting to recall that this arc in the sky is more likely to be either a reminder that God sent this sign to Noah after the Great Flood as a sign of His covenant with him or that the Irish Government's reasons for changing the law was all to do with a 'pot of gold'. Unfortunately, while God promised to never flood the whole earth again, it was not lost on St Patrick that he made no such promise to the land called Eire. St Patrick prophecised that the nation would one day be submerged by a single wave, and that the sole reason for this wave would be...

5. Bono.

6. The O'Bama Effect has been noted by the Irish Bishops who, unlike the US President were unable to bring round the Irish people to their lacklustre campaign for 'No', perhaps because every time an Irish Bishop made an announcement to say something in defence of natural marriage, another Bishop said something lame, or another Irish clergyman came out as an unaccepted homosexual and told everyone he thought it was a great idea. O'Bama, however, has, since he was elected at least, always maintained a firm line and stuck to it, making it not right or moral, but more credible.

7. God has been seen by the Irish clergy and Bishops to be somewhat of an embarrassment during the campaign and seldom was He mentioned. If only God had not deigned to issue commandments binding on the consciences of His creatures then none of this would have happened. Surely, therefore, God must be in some way to blame for this unfortunate situation. So went the logic of the Irish Bishops, so much so in fact that when the Irish Archbishop of Dublin accepted defeat, he issued a statement to say the language of the Church must change, which will in all likelihood mean that God's law has to change.

8. Much of the Bishops' review focuses on the perceived menace of the laundrettes of Ireland, where it is believed the 'Yes' campaign made major in-roads simply by talking of days gone-by in which every laundrette was owned by the Catholic Church which worked to death slave girls whipped by nuns if they refused to work. Therefore, went the logic of the 'Yes' campaign, you simply must vote for 'gay marriage'.

9. Whiskey. It is alleged in the review of the Bishops that while 62 % of the Irish voted against Jesus Christ and His Truth that it is most likely that 100% of these voters were intoxicated, because people were allowed to vote after 12 o'clock in the afternoon. They do not rule out applying to the Government for another referendum, because the first one does not reflect a sober opinion.

10. The Bishops maintained in the review that there may be a very small outside chance that their covering up of horrendous sexual and physical abuse with the State and their handling of the abuse crisis was, perhaps, "not helpful in maintaining the levels of faith" in Ireland and that rampant levels of homosexuality and a form of liberalism diametrically opposed to the Gospel have dominated the clergy to the point that many question whether these individuals, along with Bishops, actually believe in God.

It is expected that the Irish Bishops will rule this option out and concentrate on the other nine possibilities along with the nefarious influence of a host of literary figures who expressed through their literary genius their relationship with the Catholic Church in only miserable, regrettable terms that made 'I really hate being a Catholic' the waking sentiment of at least half the population.

The official response to this calamity can be read here. 'It has nothing to do with us. It was the 'cultural revolution' wot won it.'


Anonymous said…
Another victory for Vatican II -- oh what a raging success it's been in spreading vice and perversion to all the nations in the world.
Mary Kay said…
As indicated by your last post, the snakes have returned, and with a vengeance. I am so sorry for and embarrassed by the country of my family's roots.
Long-Skirts said…

There are some couples
O, so nice
As nice, as nice
Can be.

They have their weddings
Roses, rice
And plan forever

No more.

They know the latest
Things to do
That pleasure their skins
And pore.

"What need for seeds
And eggs take space
We desire to be
In lust -

Our lives are erotic
Never neurotic
In cholesterol-free
We trust."

Some of these couples
Are Bob and Rick,
Some are Michael
And Sue,

No matter their genders
Each has his trick
Of blending secretions
Like stew.

Much money they'll save
On themselves these few
From their vows 'til their graves
They'll live well...

But because their intent
Was a-party-of-two...
Alone they'll be seated
In Hell!
viterbo said…
If the majority of people really did vote against God and for sodomy to get back at corrupt clergy it just shows that those laity are as corrupt as those clergy they wanted to sting = pot and kettle stuff.

In post-Catholic Ireland the religion of the pedophile mohammed is the fastest growing religion (oh, the irony). If muslims forced sharia on the Republic, any Irishmen with sense will be praying for that wave.
Anonymous said…
Of course the true reason, as clear as the Emperor's proud nakedness, is that these wicked prelates wanted people to vote for intrinsic evil and institutionalised egregious mortal sin, thereby committng mortal sin. And then for mass manifest sacrilege to continue when huge numbers of people received the Blessed Sacrament unlawfully two days later. Lord, save us!
Anonymous said…
Every way you look at it, it's a Waterloo or better Adrianopolis, the end of Roman Empire, no more legions to defend us from barbaric attacks, they're here, among us and they are many and many, and young; old, stupid, selfish Europe continuing to stare her navel is useless, senseless and godless, I'm afraid that it will be a very, very long wave, not only for Ireland. In te speravi, Domine, non confundar in aeternum.
Charlesdawson said…
It sounds as if the prelates, desperately trying to hang on to the few faithful they have left, and not anticipating any support from Head Office, sorry, the Vatican, have decided to try appeasement, making nice, irrespective of what they may genuinely believe. In the hope, presumably, that the storm will pass over their heads and find another target.

BTW, in the Daily Mail today, it is claimed that Elton John has named his partner as the mother of their two sons on their birth certificates....
Nosce te ipsum said…
I hope our Protestant brethren will not be too offended by the suggestion that the Reformation led us here by inflaming religious wars which divided Christendom, and eventually led to a peace based on the further division of society into church and state spheres which was as good as declaring that there is no religious truth by which society should be guided (or that "God is dead" as Nietzsche put it).
The Bones said…
I do publish some criticisms of the Holy Father but I don't publish criticism that does away altogether with charity and calls him 'the Devil incarnate'.
Physiocrat said…
Ireland's abandonment of Catholicism can be traced back to the foundation of Eire as a Catholic republic and the decades of poverty which followed, when the country exported so many of its people.

The book "Angela's Ashes" give the picture.

In addition to the all the abuses, it is an illustration of the failure of Catholic Social Teaching. Poland will be next.

Catholic Social Teaching implies Distributism, but there is no proposal for the fiscal and legislative framework necessary to bring about a Distributist economy.

It is one of the reasons why the Catholic church has been losing ground even in such former strongholds as Latin America.
Unknown said…
Breaking news: Holy Father gives post Irish gay marriage vote interview:

Seattle kim
Anonymous said…
No, this is wholly wrong. The reason proffered is not the reason for the destruction of Faith and morals in Ireland.
Anonymous said…
And Angela's Ashes was a very biased account by a man who hated the Church. Several Limerick people showed how much of what he said against it, was untrue or misleading, and malicious.
Physiocrat said…
Lynda - I visited Ireland in 1964. The poverty was exactly as described in Angela's Ashes. The large scale export of population to places like Kilburn and Cricklewood was also evidence of the economic mismanagement that characterised the Irish Republic. It should not have been like that.
Dembones said…
I read that as much as 90% of referendum advertising went on the 'yes' campaign. Ultimately the message that was perpetrated was that the vote was about people who love one another. I wonder if the outcome would have been different had the MSM internationally (with increasing connectivity) not been so on-message for the 'yes' vote, had there been a level funding playing field, and had there been a greater emphasis on the protection of children.
Anonymous said…
The "Yes" was everywhere, officially backed by all public organisations and bodies, business, sports, academic. The Media has been nothing but propaganda for sodomy for many years. It is the propaganda arm of the tlobalist atheistic tyranny. The whole process was farcical. There was no neutrality or impartiality. The Yes side had ridiculous amounts of money well before official campaign start from NWO atheistic tyrannical funds. There were about a 100 yes posters to one No. When a few No posters started to go up nearly 2 weeks after the Yes, they were attacked, ripped down, paint thrown over, etc. with impunity. Those few who stood on the street to canvas against the evil law were satanically attacked. The tyranny started some time back. They are out to kill us.
Anonymous said…
Firstly, Ireland was doing very well economically by the 1960s; secondly, economic poverty never hurt the true Faith here in Ireland, just the opposite; thirdly, it is not the economic poverty described in Angela's Ashes that was misrepresented.
viterbo said…
@Charlesdawson: Poor Elton. Only a few years after he cried that his 'love lies bleeding', he had the whole Anglican establishment, from Elizabeth II (Sir Elton), to Canterbury's ursuper (Gay Bishops), to the average obedient vicarite lauding his 'lifestyle'. Perhaps the 'vicar' of Rome's personal (don't judge/obsess magisterium was the final permission for him to see his 'partner in the crime of sodomy' as 'mother' of his bought children?
Physiocrat said…
Ireland looked a lot poorer than England when I visited in 1964, and at that time it was still exporting its young people to England in very large numbers, due to lack of economic opportunity in their own country. That splits families and cannot be good for faith.

Neither is it good for faith when Catholics keep quiet about a blatantly unjust state of affairs.

We do, of course have the body of Catholic Social Teaching, and the Distributist form of economics which would follow from it, but when it comes to working out what would be needed to achieve such an economic system, we (collectively) give up on the matter.
Anonymous said…
Once upon a time Ireland was a really poor country with Catholic roots , now with the lot of money by Google and Twitter having there their head-offices, things are a' changing, anyway it's a problem involving the whole Europe, not only Ireland, let's wait for the sin-not on october and see....God bless+
Charlesdawson said…
@ viterbo: I can quite see that Sir Elton would wish to acknowledge his partner's rĂ´le in bringing up the children. But the fact remains that a male partner cannot, physically, be a mother. (Although come to think of it, there was a case a few years back where a female person, who had undergone gender reassignment surgery to be a man, but had cannily retained his/her uterus, succeeded in becoming pregnant simply by stopping the intake of male hormones that s/he was forced to take daily, presumably to prevent reversion. The article I read didn't say whether s/he was also capable of breastfeeding, nor if s/he had retained a birth canal or needed a Caesarean section.)

I tell you, one dark night we'll all be murdered in our beds.
Anonymous said…
They have no right to those children. It is abuse and ought not be permitted.

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