Your Official Catholic Blogger's Voting Guide

Step 1: Walk into polling booth with polling card and remove Pritt Stick glue and image of Christ the King from pocket.

Step 2: Take polling card and fasten image of Christ the Eternal King in a space where yet no other name appears, perhaps sticking the image at the top of the polling card, since 'He must be King until He has put all his enemies under His feet and the last of these enemies is' Caroline Lucas.

Step 3: Mark a clear X next to the image of Christ the King to show that in no way are you spoiling your ballot paper, but are, in fact, beautifying it with the image of our Redeemer.

Step 4: Pray the prayer for the conversion of England and leave the polling booth.


Simon Platt said…
Not a bad idea!
Anonymous said…
Mr Bones,
Thank you very much for this great tip.

I was thinking to add St Michael the Archangel as a candidate for this election.

God Bless!

Anonymous said…
May God have mercy on UK and the whole Europe, we're in serious danger, hope I won't die under some Islamic state..
Oakes Spalding said…
The best part is, when He wins, He won't even have to form a coalition government.
Robert Girrard said…
So you are telling people not to vote? The ballot paper will be seemed as spoiled. Why not use the principles of Catholic Social Teaching and use your vote.
viterbo said…
I guess we vote with our lives, more or less, everyday for the sort of eternal 'government' we ultimately want.

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