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Let us do what he told us to do and live us he showed us to live, love us as he showed us to love.

Turn towards the Lord. Trust Him. Walk humbly with the Lord.
For the One he held in his hands, He is the Lord Jesus, the Invisible Head of the Church.

He, the Lord, can turn our sadness into everlasting joy.

Goodbye to Our German Shepherd

It is unknown what was said on arrival at Castel Gandolfo, but I'm still hoping His Holiness said: "Aha! Had you all going! Take me back to St Peters! Can't believe you bought that one! Pope resigns! Honestly! As if!"

A prayer storm is now what the Church requires. Pray for our beloved Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI and pray hard for the man who will have the unenviable difficult task of filling those red shoes. There is a 'Twitter Storm' taking place right now and you can thank His Holiness at the trend #ThanksPontifex

Pray for the Archdiocese of Liverpool

Pray that the vacancy at the Archdiocese of Liverpool will be filled by a holy and worthy Archbishop.

Why not recommend some good names to the nuncio? Above all, pray for Liverpool.

The previous blogpost on this subject has been removed due to some offense caused to readers on the issue of the design of the Cathedral. Sorry to all offended.

Tim Stanley on Ricky Gervais

Tim Stanley today notes that the National Secular Society cannot pull in a crowd like this one. There are apparently 200,000 + people present in this image alone. The National Secular Society has, I believe, between 7000 - 10,000 members worldwide. No wonder Ricky Gervais is naffed off.I suppose that the National Secular Society are a creative and laughable, if no longer particularly funny, minority. Anyway, along the 'Where's Wally?' theme, I've created this 'Where's Ricky?' picture. Can you spot him? Clue: he's the guy who is always on the telly...

Great and Greatest


Christianity and Ideology


Adopt a Cardinal

I've been assigned a Cardinal to keep in my prayers in the upcoming conclave.
Learn more about Cardinal Oscar Andres Rodriguez Maradiaga here.
Adopt your Cardinal here.
And remember, a Cardinal is for life. 
Not just for a conclave.

The Church's Critics Coming Out of the Closet

Dr Joseph Shaw wrote a fine blogpost on his LMS Chairman blog concerning a Telegraph article by Peter Stanford.

Peter Stanford has a reputation for writing 'outside of mainstream Catholic thought'. That is to say, that Peter has a problem with the Magisterium of the Church and has a habit of airing his grievances with the Church's teaching in a number of areas. Mark Dowd of the BBC, too has been discussing homosexuality in terms of a 'time bomb' in the Church. Of course, to Mark, anyone in the Church who condemns the homosexual lifestyle is naturally hiding their homosexuality and fears it being exposed. This is ridiculous.

In Christ, all men are held together, be he Saint, be he sinner

While it is true to say that there exists within the Church an element of contradiction on the issue of homosexuality (a proportion of Catholics are, shock horror, homosexuals), it is also true to say that nothing changes or alters the truth of the Church's teaching. Obviously, …

The Homosexual 'Mafia' in the Church

A very interesting presentation by Michael Voris.
Pray for the Holy Father. Pray for the Church. Pray for the new Pope.

Inwood's Lenten Resolution

Paul Inwood has, due to some restructuring, given up music in Porstmouth Diocese for Lent.

The abstinence programme has been going so well that he will be giving up music for the Diocese for good.

Good for him.

Well done that man!

In times of austerity, times call for a leaner, meaner Church that's unafraid to make cuts when necessary.

Well done to Bishop Philip Egan for making those 'tough decisions' called for in these times. Portsmouth will regain its AAA rating soon enough if things carry on like this.

Don't worry, Paul, after Easter you can come busking with me in Brighton. You'll love it.

My Coffee, Fags and Internet Hell

Well into Lent and my life still revolves around coffee, tobacco and the internet.

From out of nowhere I just scoffed and entire packet of peanuts that I thought I would just 'nibble on'.

It's important to remember God loves losers especially those who've lost their AAA rating.

How is your Lent going?

The Church and Crisis

Abdicating Popes, Cardinals resigning due to sex allegations, Bishops, Cardinals, laymen calling for an end to priestly celibacy, renegade priests forming schismatic 'associations', Bishops fighting among each other and criticising the Pope.

The Church in crisis.

Despite the fact that we've been in similar situations in the Church's history it is easy to forget that the Catholic Church is founded upon huge crisis.

What greater example can there be than the Lord and Founder of this Divine Institution being nailed to the Cross and bleeding until dead while the Apostles run for the hills for fear, deny Him, forsake Him, betray Him.

Our God is a God Who brings good out of every evil. The power of love, the power of Christ is stronger than death, human weakness and evil. Pope Benedict XVI knows this. Let us follow the Holy Father's deep and profound trust in the Lord.

 "Let us entrust the Holy Church to the care of Our Supreme Pastor, Our Lord Jesus Christ.” ~ Pope…

When You Read a Journalist Say Someone 'Must' Do Something, Ignore Them

The Church 'must' do this. The Church 'must' do that. The Pope 'must' look at this. The Pope 'must' look into that. Someone pass me the sick bag! Who does this guy think he is?!

As Catholics we understand that in every age the Church is 'black, but beautiful'. Saints arise that point the way to Christ in a sinful world and arise like a beacon of light in a Church of sinners.

St Francis of Assisi, St Anthony of Padua, Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, St Philip Neri, St Maximillian "Hey, Nazis, why not kill me and spare the married guy with the kids?" Kolbe, the whole litany of Saints down the ages point to a mystery deeper than even the mystery of marriage that St Paul talked about.

I'm preparing for marriage this year. I believe that Our Lord wishes me to love and cherish one person for the rest of my life in holy matrimony and to accept and cherish new life if He blesses us with new life.  I'm a homosexual man preparing for marria…

Pope Benedict XVI's Last Angelus Address


What Page of Apocalypse are we on then?

'In an interview with La Stampa’s Vatican Insider today, the President of the Pontifical Academy for Life, Bishop Ignacio Carrasco de Paula, has backed the decision of the German Bishops conference to permit use of the morning after pill in Catholic hospitals for rape victims.' (Source: Life Site News)

Wow. I must confess that these are words I never imagined reading. I knew I should have stayed in bed today. Does anyone know what page we are on in the Apocalypse of St John the Divine yet? I'm kind of thinking of hunkering down and laying low for a while. Is there a cave somewhere in Sussex? Preferably one with central heating...

The Pontifical Academy for Life!? No wonder the 'Fatima nuts' are thought mad by the majority of Bishops and Cardinals of the world. The next Pope isn't just going to have to be 'strong'. He's going to have to built like a brick****house!

Our Lady has promised that in the end, her Immaculate Heart will triumph, let us n…

Pope Benedict XVI Alters Papal Inauguration, Adds 'Act of Obedience'

The 'run in' to the departure of Pope Benedict XVI and election of a new Successor of St Peter is beginning to look rather dramatic and you don't have to be a 'Vatican insider' to see that Benedict XVI, with great care and concern for the whole Church, is making some wise final touches to his pontificate.

Firstly, we hear that Cardinals with the responsibility to elect the new Pope will hear the full truth of the Vatileaks scandal and the report of the commission put in charge of gathering information on the document leaks that placed distrust and suspicion at the heart of Vatican life. The contents - under code of papal secrecy thus far - will be made known to the Cardinals on 1 March. This could, for obvious reasons, effect the choice of the election of Benedict XVI's successor and could also 'narrow the field' somewhat in terms of that choice.

Secondly, we hear, too, that there will be some alterations to the ritual for Benedict XVI's successor&…

New Poster Thanking Pope Benedict XVI

Well done to these wonderful men for producing this inspiring poster, thanking His Holiness for his tireless work in defence of Holy Mother Church and for upholding the Faith passed down from the Apostles and guarded by the Successor of St Peter. Splendid idea! How fortunate we are to have been blessed by God with these inspiring and loyal Shepherds and Teachers of the Faith. These could be mass produced and put on parish noticeboards up and down the country to show the Faithful the esteem in which we are taught to hold the Vicar of Christ.

Rest in Peace

Pray for Margaret, the woman in this video, who died this week and for Neil who now has to live without her.

May her soul and the souls of the Faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

The Embittered Pill: Join the Facebook Group

Whether it is crushed or dissolved, The Tablet has to go.

If you haven't already done so, join the Facebook group calling upon the Church to lay it to rest and put it out of its misery, since, while we don't agree with euthanasia, its editorial team doubtless do.

I'm just watching the Catherine Pepinster performance on C4 in the wake of the Pope's resignation. The contrast between the pessimism of Catherine and the optimism of Pascal is a real sight to behold. 

Reading The Tablet is Like Reading a Suicide Note

While The Tablet utters its wretched cries of delight at the news of Pope Benedict XVI's resignation, there is a certain myopia of writers such as Bobby Mickens et al.

Benedict XVI has fundamentally altered something within Church and unleashed a set of movements within Her that adhere to the 'hermeneutic of continuity'. A new generation of younger Catholics have been - and will continue to be - exposed to the liturgical riches of the Church. Younger Catholics today are either Faithful or they are not Catholic at all. The wind is not blowing in the direction that The Tablet and an aging generation of Catholics followed.

It stand to reason then that in future, The Tablet will have to either change dramatically and be faithful to the Magisterium, or it will die. Every copy of The Tablet available now is a suicide note, because within 20 to 30 years, perhaps even sooner, a new generation of Priests and Bishops will refuse to have it sold in their parishes and Cathedrals. It …

Catholic Media News

Fine Priest, Fr Alexander Lucie Smith's piece for 4Thought on Channel 4 can be viewed here.

Do also check out Caroline Farrow's interview for ITV on IVF treatment for over 40s here.

Great stuff!

How to Become Pope



A reader has alerted me to the interesting fact that the Terrence Higgins Trust literature that Anthony Ozimic asked TV viewers of his interview on telly to view if they thought teaching same-sex marriage in schools was a good idea....has strangely disappeared!

It is, however, still available on a site called 'Bent Bars Project'.

The Dawkins Song with Music

The Dawkins Song
O my name is Richard Dawkins And I just can't stop talkin' Another day,  Another pay cheque for an interview
On the God Who's not existin' 'Cos in my heart I just dismissed Him So if you believe there must be something  Deeply wrong with you
O my name is Richard Dawkins I'll never put a cork in it  I say absurd things every day Then pass them off as truth Like, 'If you're not getting laid, dear' And if you're not getting paid dear sums No influence? No power? There must be something wrong with you!'
Oh its a hard life Being me With the message That I preach It's the 'survival of the fittest' And I want to be the richest  Atheist in history!
Yes, my name is Richard Dawkins The media,  They're all fawnin' Over every hateful,  Anti-Catholic statement that I make Whoah and every time it happens It increases my bank balance I'm onto quite a winner here What are the odds its a mistake?
See without God What…

Feast of St Peter Damian

Today is the Feast of St Peter Damian. I know not too much about this Saint and so looked him up on Wikipedia. He appears to be quite relevant to the modern Church's situation.

Firstly, St Peter Damian resigned his bishopric. Before becoming Bishop he was a hermit leading an ascetic life, but was sought out because of his outstanding holiness.

Secondly, he was a great reformer, seeing a great deal of 'filth' in the Church of his time. In Italy, there appeared to be something of a 'crisis of Bishops'.

Thirdly, it appears that his age was also one struck by a 'child sexual abuse crisis'. So clergy abuse of minors, it appears, is not an entirely modern phenomenom, much as many believe it is. St Peter Damian was vocal in condemning the scandalous activities of some clergy. Wikipedia kindly tells us that:

'About 1050, during the pontificate of Pope Leo IX, Peter wrote a scathing treatise on the vices of the clergy, including sexual abuse of minors and act…

The Eucharistic Discourse

Courtesy of Catholic Memes I like this one about the election of a new Pope too. Odds on Burke have lengthened to 80/1 apparently...

Blame Twitter

The Holy Father opens a Twitter account.

Little time passes by before he 'retires' to live a more 'secluded life'.

See. This is what Twitter does to people!

The Dawkins Song

The Dawkins Song
O my name is Richard Dawkins And I just can't stop talkin' Another day,  Another pay cheque for an interview
On the God Who's not existin' 'Cos in my heart I just dismissed Him So if you believe there must be something  Deeply wrong with you
O my name is Richard Dawkins I'll never put a cork in it  I say absurd things every day Then pass them off as truth Like, 'If you're not getting laid, dear' And if you're not getting paid dear sums No influence? No power? There must be something wrong with you!'
Oh its a hard life Being me With the message That I preach It's the 'survival of the fittest' And I want to be the richest  Atheist in history!
Yes, my name is Richard Dawkins The media,  They're all fawnin' Over every hateful,  Anti-Catholic statement that I make Whoah and every time it happens It increases my bank balance I'm onto quite a winner here What are the odds its a mistake?
See without God What…

King Kung to Take Helm at St Peters?

Hans Kung has given an interview to Der Spiegel.

His thoughts on the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI and his vision of the Church of the future are terribly surprising. One can never predict what Hans will say.

Most importantly, he says if he is made Pope the first thing he will do will be to put a massive statue of himself in the garden and invite Tony Blair round for policy advice, both at home and abroad. St Peter's will be renamed, 'Catholic Christian Centre for Inter-Faith Dialogue'. On assuming the Office of the Papacy, a million condoms will be let loose from the Papal helicopter above Vatican City. Gay marriage all round, etc, etc...

Why is this guy always wheeled out by the media as an authority on the Catholic Church?

The Sun of Justice

'In sole posuit tabernaculum suum: et ipse, tanquam sponsus procedens de thalamo suo.'

'He hath set his tabernacle in the sun: and he cometh forth as a bridegroom from his chamber.'

It is not hard to see why previous civilisations regarded the sun as a god of some kind. The sun is benign, gives us light and heat, warmth and, as yet, has done no harm to us (apart from some forest fires, but you can hardly blame the sun for that).

On the south coast recently (yes, I was in Seaford), I saw the most dramatic sunset I have seen in years. The few people dotted around Seaford Head were mesmerised, literally gawping at the stunning beauty of the sun, raised aloft as if in benediction over us.

I'll try to explain just why this sunset felt so special. I could veer into Tina Beattie territory, so I'll be careful. There was a perfect sheet of cloud dividing the horizon of the sea from the sky. The sun was obviously behind the sheet of cloud already forming stunning pinks…

It's a 'Royal Baby Bump'

Not a clump of cells after all...

Crush The Tablet

Protect the Pope draws our attention to the Facebook page calling for the cessation the sale of the distinctly un-Catholic weekly, The Tablet, in parishes in England and Wales.

Add your name here.

If you are not on Facebook, why not join it just to be able to sign the page?

Defend Holy Mother Church.

The Crisis of Bishops and "Centralisation"

It seems to me that Pope Benedict XVI, as well as being remembered as a great and holy Pope, will also be remembered as a Pope who saw that the 'power of the keys' can be exercised by one in authority by laying the keys down and entrusting them to Jesus Christ to hand to another for the good of the Church.

Though setting a mysterious or even risky precedent, in modern times at least, Pope Benedict XVI shows us that the Church does not revolve around himself, but depends entirely on the Lord Jesus. It is the extraordinary final act of an extraordinary and highly gifted Pope whose memory will be treasured by the Universal Church for all ages to come.

Though meekness is not a weakness and humility more powerful and wonderful than might, key figures in the English Hierarchy have taken the opportunity of the Pope's generous gesture of resignation to criticise aspects of Benedict XVI's pontificate. Not long after Benedict XVI named disunity in the Church as being a serious …

Three in One is Not Amused...

I think we can safely say that with a meteor hit on Russia, a lightning bolt hitting St Peter's and a fireball 'bigger than the sun' going down over Cuba and something similar being reported in California, that He is not amused. Unfortunately, we're living in a more 'sophisticated' age in which things falling from the sky are just seen as perfectly normal freak events in a random galaxy with no Lord and no Lawgiver holding all things in being by the sheer awesome power of His Love.

Thank You, Holy Father


Lenten Reading

I recently went on a day trip to Shoreham-by-Sea and stopped off at a charity shop. I like charity shops because you never know what you're going to find.

It's amazing how many good religious books one finds in charity shops and the old books are the best.

In Shoreham, I found a lovely little book on a Saint I had never heard of called Saint Mary Euphrasia and it is my lenten reading book.

Like all Saints she was hardcore. It is a beautifully written biography of a very heroic nun who was to become founderess of the Good Shepherd Sisters.

You can read a little biography of her life here. It's nice when Saints turn up and you hear about their life story when you've never heard of them before. It makes it feel like they've picked you.

Her Feast falls on April 24th.

"Though old stars burn out and die, look to the new and even beyond." ~ St Mary Euphrasia
A rather apt quote for today, I guess.