New Poster Thanking Pope Benedict XVI

Well done to these wonderful men for producing this inspiring poster, thanking His Holiness for his tireless work in defence of Holy Mother Church and for upholding the Faith passed down from the Apostles and guarded by the Successor of St Peter. Splendid idea! How fortunate we are to have been blessed by God with these inspiring and loyal Shepherds and Teachers of the Faith. These could be mass produced and put on parish noticeboards up and down the country to show the Faithful the esteem in which we are taught to hold the Vicar of Christ.


Eccles said…
How many jokers does the usual pack of card contain?
Genty said…
I thought they were called knaves.
Lynda said…
Left-footer said…
Eccles - like blank dominoes, they can be anything which suits your next move.
johnf said…
CMOC's response to the Holy Father's decision to abdicate was anything but charitable. As reported in the Telegraph, all he said was

"Who would be Pope? It's not an easy task and demands great sacrifice. There's always been a bit of him that wanted to lead a quiet life of contemplation and study"

This should be set against the accolades of just about everyone else including Ed Milliband whose remarks were quite gracious. "His decision was brave and we know he will not have reached it lightly..."

The responses from the Chief Rabbi and the new Archbishop of Canterbury were quite moving.

I noted that the Catholic Herald reprinted all the comments from politicians and Churchmen, but omitted those from CMOC