The Homosexual 'Mafia' in the Church

A very interesting presentation by Michael Voris.

Pray for the Holy Father.
Pray for the Church.
Pray for the new Pope.


there's a special report follow up
Amfortas said…
So all the ills of the Church can be placed at the feet of the 'homoheresy'. As usual Michael Voris gets caught up by his own hyperbole as he formulates his latest total theory of everything. Some of what he says is quite credible but I'm afraid I fell off my seat when he said that the 'homolobby' disdains the traditional mass. Who is he kidding? Previously Voris - Voris of the Boris hair - proclaimed that homosexuals who live chaste lives are heroic. I believe this applies to most homosexual clergy. What do you think?
Amfortas said…
Voris works himself up into a real frenzy in the follow up reports. He really doesn't understand Cardinal O'Brien's position. Vosis is on a roll and all will be swept before him.
Scott W. said…
It's not just homosexual clergy, but it is also their enablers. In many ways, they are worse. As one ssa man trying to live a chaste life put it:

The worst, by far, are heterosexuals, who are all about gay rights, though. This may be because they are the majority, but in a certain way I think it’s deeper than that. I think their defending of homosexuals is driven by a couple things. One, it comes from this weird perverted notion that you always have to protect the weak and “not judge” No Matter What. It’s derived, I think, from Christian notions of love, but it has to turned into this terrible monster known as modern liberalism. It’s actually become the case that defending the weak is more important than identifying the truth. This whole idea is rampant, and it’s pretty much suffocating to any real discussion on moral issues. “Don’t judge! What makes your life any better! You’re just filled with hate!” etc. etc. etc. Everyone has to be equal, no matter the stakes, no matter what. If you imply Anything to the contrary, you’re basically Hitler who wants to kill all gay people. And while this push is definitely from the gay community (it’s how they gain their power), it’s most strong (and most despicable) from straight people. It’s despicable because they don’t know what they’re doing. They just bandwagon on someone else’s slave morality to the degradation of everything around them. And worst of all, they’re Zealous about it. They get mad, scary mad about it.
Physiocrat said…
I would have been less surprised at the revelation that many bishops were 33 degree freemasons.
Physiocrat said…
The Augean stables have got to be cleaned.

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