Pray for the Archdiocese of Liverpool

Pray that the vacancy at the Archdiocese of Liverpool will be filled by a holy and worthy Archbishop.

Why not recommend some good names to the nuncio? Above all, pray for Liverpool.

The previous blogpost on this subject has been removed due to some offense caused to readers on the issue of the design of the Cathedral. Sorry to all offended.


Richard Collins said…
Excellent Laurence, you inspire me greatly.
Jonathan said…
I'm not a fan of the architecture but for anyone who is in Liverpool I can recommend the 11 o'clock Mass at the Cathedral. The choir really helps me to pray the Mass.
The Cathedral design's still b****y awful, though.

In my (humble, grovelling and obsequious) opinion, Liverpool, Clifton and Middlesbrough are the top three contenders for the 'Crap Cathedral' awards.
Lynda said…
The design of the Cathedral is an offence to God, never mind one's eyes.
Rural Catholic said…
I'm trying to decide the source of inspiration to the architect and have decided on four sources: an industrial septic tank; grain silos in Nebraska;nuclear warhead silos; WWII nazi war bunkers. Am I close? I also suspect he's not a Catholic and thinks minimalism is an art form.

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