What's Up With the Synod?

A new group blog has been set up in order for a range of 'big-hitting' Catholic bloggers to add commentary in one forum to the ongoings at the Synod on the Family.

Follow all the news - as much news as the Pope and Cardinal Baldisseri permit us to know - at:

Entrust the work of this blog - and all Catholic bloggers, reporters and journalists, and most vitally, the Synod Fathers themselves, to Our Lady of Victories, as mentioned today by Fr John Hunwicke.

God bless readers. Fasten your seatbelts and don't buy Volkswagon.


Netmilsmom said…
I'm so excited that you joined that site!
Liam Ronan said…
Thanks, Bones! "What's Up With The Synod" is grand. A real feast. I tried to see if there was anyway I might subscribe to it online so as to get it in my email inbox but hadn't any luck. Can it be subscribed to?
Jacobi said…
Have pitched in with my little contribution at the site.

What a mess?
Lynda said…
The fact alone that you appear to be keeping your sanity, while the majority put away reason (not to mention Faith!) is a sign you are cooperating with God's grace. We must be prepared to accept the derision and exclusion and persecution from the heretics who hold positions of temporal power. O Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in Thee.
viterbo said…
'What's up. ..?'
Continuing to believe a heresiarch is Christ's Vicar, and that a protestant collective is Christ's Bride is the stuff of spiritual madness.
In rough terms its like trying to use a turd as toilet paper.

Liam Ronan said…

Did you mean to say 'turdus'?
viterbo said…
Liam, no man, I mean TURDS!
all joking aside...trying to use belial to get rid of belial is...
The vacancy of the Chair of Peter is a Catholic fact. That a Vicar of Christ universally perverts the parishes of the planet is not.

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