Thursday, 30 April 2009

The Government Abandoned Marriage and Now It is a Dirty Word

Sex, condoms, the language of sex...are no longer 'dirty words'. Poor children! The vision of the Government's teaching on sex education. Strongest Supporters. Is the Government's survey of young people's attitudes to sex. Teachers would do well to teach:
  • Biology of sex and reproduction (92 per cent)
  • Physical aspects of puberty (92 per cent)
  • Contraception (87 per cent)
  • STIs (80 per cent).
  • Skills for coping with relationships (21.4 per cent)
  • The enjoyable and good things about sex (34 per cent)
  • Messages from the media about sex and relationships survey who identified themselves as transgender,lesbian or (positive and negative)(36 per cent) gay or who reported having a physical disability felt their feelings and emotions that we experience in relationships
  • SRE was bad or very bad 56, 55, 54 and 50 per cent and sex (37 per cent).
Topics discussed in the Government's survey on sex education with 16-25 year olds touched on sensitive issues such as:
  • How our bodies change as we grow up and in puberty
  • Our feelings and emotions when we are growing up
  • The feelings and emotions that we experience in relationships and sex
  • The biological things about sex and reproduction (including how our bodies and sexual organs work)
  • Different types of relationships and families
  • Understanding what is good and bad in a relationship
  • Skills for coping with relationships
  • Dealing with pressure from friends and other young people
  • Making decisions about having sex and knowing if you are ready
  • Sexual identities, including gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual and transgender
  • Contraception
  • All the choices you have if you get pregnant (including abortion, adoption and parenting)
  • HIV and AIDS
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • Where you can go if you need help with sex and relationship problems
  • The enjoyable and good things about sex
  • Messages from the media about sex and relationships (both good and bad)
  • Influences from family, community and religion about sex and relationships
  • The law about sex, including the age of consent, abuse, violence and rape
Did I miss something? Or was marriage not mentioned once during the survey. I guess it was not, but then, culturally, children and young adults are not growing up in an environment in which marriage is deemed sacred, beneficial, sensible or beautiful or life-giving. Therefore it is not a surprise the young people didn't mention it. I guess, putting children and young adults in charge of sex education policy is the latest Government fad. But it doesn't seem very wise.

Marriage and the teaching of the Sanctity of Marriage, or, at least, for State schools too scared to mention God, the practical benefits of marriage, emotionally, physically and mentally and societally, is surely the best way to counter the rise in teen pregnancy, abortions, adoptions and the sad fact that schools are being flooded with contraceptives. But the Government has abandoned, it is scared to mention it. Like God, it doesn't believe in it. It believes that marriage is a 'thing of the past' religion is a 'thing of the past', to be swept away with the 'old order'. Oh! What a brave new World this is! How much happier, will the nations children be in 10 years time, thanks to the Government and its wilful destruction of the institution of marriage! What a silly human invention marriage was! This is my third post on this today...I'm furious because this Government has taken leave of its senses totally. They really do not care one jot for the nation's children!


Patricius said...

It would be interesting to know how many members of parliament/the government were in normal committed marriages and to compare this with the population at large. I suspect that one would find a rather larger proportion of adulterers and perverts. (I gather they can claim for pornographic videos on expenses).
Such people naturally imagine, or at least want to believe, that everyone else shares their own abysmal standards.

The Bones said...

Quite so...I wouldn't wish my sordid life upon any child. We no longer want to give children, it seems, the best start in life...No, we want to give them the worst. I feel sorry for the children.

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