Monday, 21 February 2011

Michael Voris with a rather different take on the Justin Bieber Story

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Adam said...

This guy's ire appears to stem from the fact that Bieber freely chose to abandon Catholicism. Also, he is so far off base in his analysis it isn't even funny. This has nothing to do with the RCC not being 'hard line' enough - non-denominational Evangelicals are not really hard-line themselves. It's probably more to do with the mechanics of patriotism in small town America, where Catholicismis viewed with suspicion. Evangelical Christianity is, along with Methodism, the unofficial 'state' religion in white America.

By the way, is this TV station Vatican approved? It's poisonous - this guy is about as far from a Catholic as i can imagine. Didn't Jesus advise us not to show our faith in public and to pray in secrecy so that we can be sure our only reward is in God's eyes not the World's eyes? I think it is clear that Christ's context and our own are similar here - even though it is unpopular to pray in public the temptation is to turn this into a pleasure. Better hide our prayers and stay true to His gospel

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