Thursday, 21 January 2010

Religious Extremists

Fruitloop alert! A dangerous, Catholic extremist. Behold this Carthusian's wickedness and malevolence. This image strikes fear into the heart of civil society and so it should. Look at him, dressed in white and wearing sandals. What a nutter! Thank God he is in a closed order, praying to the spaghetti monster in the sky, where he can do no harm! Mentalists!

Look! Here's a Redemptorist...gardening! Watch out! He's got some kind of vegetable in his hand! Phew, that was close...

Just a few of many adherents to a religion of peace and brotherly love. A welcome addition to the diverse cultural life of the United Kingdom. What a colourful and vibrant faith they have! Go on chaps!

Have a good time at the shooting club, boys! Cheeky rogues! Awww...Catch me a pheasant, why not?! Ahh...I dunno, eh? Eh? Bless 'em!

H/T to Henry, address withheld! Run, Henry, Run! No, not that way!


Physiocrat said...

You forgot Sister Joan, she is really a most dangerous extremist.

The Bones said...

I know, and Our Blessed Lord. Going through the Passion was pretty extreme.

Unknown said...

Sorry for the intrusion. But I had to comment. Since, as you may have heard being an "extremists" here in the states now includes anyone who runs in the same circles as Fr. Benedict Groeschel.

Love your insight!

God bless

The Bones said...

Please can you send me some information on that piece of news? A link?

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