Friday, 15 January 2010

Obama Asks for the Money Back!

Did he really expect any 'change' from what must have been the biggest lend in human history?! Surely, surely he is grandstanding. Obama knows what Wall Street is like, given that he's chums with quite a few of them. Once a banker, always a banker, Mr President! I said banker! What a funny man he is!

One rule I can tell you, Mr President about banks, if you don't know by now...They take your money and even if they give you money they want it back with crippling interest. If you give them money, they take it. I'm in debt to Natwest and they charge me £60 a month overdraft fine, yeah? They got bailed out of the financial crisis because they are owned by RBS to the tune of God knows how many millions of pounds. But I'm still being charged £60 a month overdraft fine. Someone won the lottery in that bailout and it sure as heck wasn't me! As an aside, while the bank is biting at my heels, the State is sending me letters saying if I don't pay this parking ticket they'll take me to court and take me to the money laundrette as well! They can kiss my poor and foolhardy arse because guess what?! I don't have the money to pay!

So, let's run through that once more, Mr President. If the banks give you money, they take it and if you don't have it they'll take you to the cleaners quicker than you can say, "We can't really afford to help the people of Haiti now that we blew all our cash on a load of wicked, money-grabbing crooks!" Still, if its of any consolation, neither can I! Clever, eh? It means they always win!

So, remember the golden rule of banking, Mr President. If you give them money, they take it and if they give you money, they take it. Follow this golden rule and you won't find yourself without a bottle of wine in the evening, even if you are called out on an urgent rescue mission the next time some bank's finances are found to be as trustworthy as a Government funded climatologist.

The man in the White House must be some kind of comedian to even suggest the US State will recoup even a small fraction of what it gave the banks in the bailout! They take, they take and even if they give, they take! They get rich and make poor people poorer with tempting loans and overdrafts charged at massive interest. Welcome to the world of banking, Mr Obama! Crikey! I hope he's got a good accountant! With that level of ignorance, he's going to need one!

Still, at least he gets to pretend he's Superman for five minutes in front of the TV cameras! I can't wait to see that imposter try to fly! For someone telling so many fibs, don't you think he's awfully and painfully transparent? Let's say this while we can, for it may not be too long now that Obama's information czar is talking about curtailing freedom of speech concerning 'conspiracy theories'. Mr Obama! You need to do a book-keeping course! What is more, the only chance you have of even remotely being considered in the same breath as JFK, instead of Jimmy Carter, is by telling the truth about secret societies who helped to install your liberal-fascist arse into the White House and by getting yourself shot for doing so.

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