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Out of the two campaigns, we know which campaign has the Holy Father's blessing since the publication of Summorum Pontificum. If we wish to campaign for one of these, then let us choose the one with his blessing. Every Catholic should wish for more reverence for the Blessed Sacrament, rather than less. Every Catholic should want more obedience to the Holy Father, rather than less. Every Catholic should wish for a more prayerful Mass, than a less prayerful Mass. Every Catholic should want God to be at the heart of the Mass, rather than himself, herself or the personality of the Priest.

Cardinal Arinze who retired as Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments in December 2008 was quoted as having said...

"Vatican II brought many good things but everything has not been positive, and the synod recognized that there have been shadows."

"There has been a bit of neglect of the Holy Eucharist outside Mass[...]A lot of ignorance. A lot of temptations to showmanship for the priest who celebrates facing the people."

"If the bishops of a country prefer to have the congregation stand to receive communion we said It's alright provided that those who wish to kneel are free to do so. The one who says you may not kneel to receive the Eucharist is wrong, no matter who he is. If we believe, if we truly believe that it is Jesus, the Son of God, then why don't we kneel? Why don't we crawl?"

His successor, Cardinal Cañizares Llovera has been just as consistent on Liturgy and Divine Worship. In December 2008, on assuming his new role, Cardinal Cañizares Llovera spoke on Summorum Pontificum and the Tridentine Mass, the same Cañizares Llovera has stated...

"The intention of the Pope has not only been to satisfy the followers of Monsignor Lefevbre, nor to confine himself to respond to the just wishes of the faithful who feel the liturgical heritage represented by the Roman Rite, but also, and in a special way, to open the liturgical richness of the Church to all the faithful, thus making possible the discovery of the treasures of the liturgical patrimony of the Church to those who still do not know it...even if there were not a single 'traditionalist' whom to satisfy, this 'discovery' would have been enough to justify the provisions of the Pope."
Hang on! Is that video above a Youtube clip of Solemn High Mass with Cardinal Llovera as Celebrant, Fr John McDaniels as Deacon and one Fr Tim Finegan of Hermenutic of Continuity fame as Sub-Deacon? It sure looks like it to me! Woo-hoo! Here! Check it out, Fr Tim! You're on Youtube! Get in! You beauty! What a result! Obviously, the Thrill TV's Rome correspondent has come up with the goods once again! Well done, Bro! I'll pay you when I've got the cash! So, quite frankly, that's that debate well and truly settled! By the way, Cardinal Llovera was recently nicknamed, 'Little Ratzinger,' something which apparently caused the Holy Father, gloriously reigning, much amusement!

Oh, and if you want to make the Good Lord and the His representative on Earth, Pope Benedict XVI happy, since making one happy usually brings joy to both, then sign this petition, alerted to us by one Damian Thompson of Telegraph blog fame, calling for the new translation of the Roman Missal to be sped up, rather than delayed by irritating and aging tambourine-playing liberals at risk from spending their remaining days kicking against the goads! Listen up, hippies! The Benedictine train is gathering pace and speed! If it stops at your station, don't dawdle around putting new strings on your guitars, for you do not need them any longer! Be alert, because God willing, the train is coming to a station near you and missing it simply does not bear thinking about!


Dominic Mary said...

What a splendid post - and I love Cardinal Arinze's comments : just what I've been saying for years !

On the side of the angels said...

standup4vatican2 has removed its polls and testimonials [possibly for technical reasons ? [the technicality that we don't agree with them!]]

Dominic Mary said...

very probably - I think ALL the 'Testimonials' were supporting the position that VII was a continuous development of the Church, and that the problem was with how people had interpreted it - and the Poll was hugely in favour of VII having not been abandoned !

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