Monday, 25 January 2010

Chris Morris's New Jihad Comedy

Michael Deacon of Telegraph Blogs has posted this video clip of a new Chris Morris movie about rubbish terrorists.

Above is a clip of Four Lions, the debut feature-length movie from Chris Morris, the controversy-monger behind the viciously funny Brass Eye, The Day Today, On the Hour and his short-lived but excellent Radio 1 music show (as well as the clumsy misfire Nathan Barley).

The comedy, which received its debut at the Sundance festival at the weekend and whose release date hasn’t yet been confirmed, is said to be a kind of Islamists’ Dad’s Army: it follows a group of howlingly inept Islamic would-be terrorists who yearn for jihad without really understanding what it means or how properly to achieve it. A bit like all Islamic terrorists, then.

We thought satire had been trumped by fact with the pants bomber but this new movie could be rather funny. If it reaches the heights of 'The Day Today' or the outrageous and funny 'Brass Eye' then it could be worth seeing. This was the 'bombdogs' alert.

This was Chris Morris interviewing Australia and Britain into war.

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