Why January?

Q: Why is the Government planning to rush same-sex marriage legislation through in January?

A: Because it will be very cold in January, so less protesters, if any, are assured.

Maybe I'm just paranoid...I mean, it probably hasn't even entered into our Bishops' heads to organise any form of protest. Westminster Cathedral is a whole 4 minutes walk from Parliament and it is chilly.


Tonia Marshall said…
Feast Day of the Holy Family sounds like a good date to me.
pelerin said…
Is it a coincidence that January is also the month when I understand the French Government will be debating same-sex marriage? The big demo against the proposals will be on January 13th in Paris. Any chance of one on the same day here?

I see on the BBC website that Archbishop Nichols and Archbishop Peter Smith have finally spoken.
Georgie said…
Is anyone organising a series of demos? Let's have a "Marches for Marriage" in London, Glasgow Belfast and Cardiff on the same day. Georgie
amaqula said…
Laurence....if we do have a protest...can you publish your your 'Let them eat gay marriage' images. I'd be very glad to carry one.

Also....would it be possible to get your spoof Tablet Calendar published. I could think of so many people I would like to give it as a gift to for 2014. And I'd like one for my kitchen wall. You could make a fortune you know.