Tuesday, 25 December 2012

The Rock at Christmas


slt said...

What a wonderful image...many thanks and Happy Christmas

Genty said...

He stands upright among his flock, this man of Christ.
So different from the morning Eucharist on the BBC I happened upon, (don't look, don't look!) but not for long.
I pray to Blessed Titus to inspire you with spiritual stamina so that your excellent work for God made man will go from strength to strength.

pelerin said...

Yes a great picture - the photographer presumably panned with the movement of the Pope to achieve this and in so doing blurred his surroundings making him stand out in this way. 'Tu es Petrus...'

I watched part of the Pope's Midnight Mass through the wonders of the internet - it was at 10pm Italian time 9pm here - and could not help wondering how safe he was entering on the moving replacement to the old sedes. The sedes always looked precarious and I believe produced feelings of nausea but I noticed that the Pope several times stopped blessing the people with his right hand in order to steady himself on the bar in front moving up the aisle. His left hand held his Bishop's staff which presumably was not fixed.

It was good to see the security men around him bearing in mind what happened a few years back but I do think that a man of his age should at least have the opportunity of holding on to the bar all the time. A sudden jolt could so easily cause him to lose his balance and we do so want him to continue to lead us for many years to come.

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