Happy Christmas to One and All

Wishing all readers a very happy, holy, peaceful 
and blessed Christmas!

Christus natus est, ex Maria Virgine!

Still the best Christmas song ever!


Genty said…
Merry Christmas and a blessed feast day to you and yours.
torchofthefaith said…
A Blessed Christmas to you and your readers Lawrence!

In Christ
Alan and Angeline Houghton
Damask Rose said…
Happy Christmas, Laurence and everybody!
Damask Rose said…
Hi Laurence, have you seen this?

Totally unbelievable, at Christmas too. Just when I thought if couldn't get any worse, it does...


Couldn't help but think of this:

Unknown said…
Also Happy Kwanza.

Seattle Kim
Anonymous said…
Sorry Bones, it has to be the Steeleye Span version for me. No comparison. Listening to anything else is like listening to the "unplugged" version of Layla. Yuk.

PS I'm going to re-read "Liturgical Time Bombs" over Christmas so perhaps we can compare notes on it! Merry Christmas, mate.
Nicolas Bellord said…
Merry Christmas and a great New Year, Laurence.
Unknown said…
This year's U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops annual calendar Christmas gift to all American parishioners includes only pics of Jorge the Humble doing humble things. Is he self canonizing now?

Seattle Kim
Anonymous said…
If it weren't so tragic, it would be ridiculous.