Pray for the Defence of the Most Holy Sacrament from Violation

Mother of God, Mother of the Church, Mother of the Eucharist, Queen of Heaven.

Defend the Body and Blood of Your Son from every possible violation!


John Vasc said…
Actually Laurence, your h/t ought to credit the playwright Sir Ronald Millar, who wrote that speech for MT to use in 1980. Also (since Millar was quoting its title punningly) Christopher Fry's postwar play 'The Lady's Not for Burning'. By 1980 Fry's romantic comedy was virtually forgotten, and for MT to come out with this punning reference seemed bizarre at the time: it was clear she herself didn't have the faintest idea what she was alluding to, and nor did most of her listeners.
There was also a later 1980s electoral poster inveighing against 'A Diet of Brussels' that assumed a well-schooled memory for European medieval history. Those were the days.
viterbo said…
"Our Lady's not for turning"! I might have to borrow that.