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Who is Orchestrating the LGBTQ Movement in the Church?

It is worthwhile casting our minds back to that plane interview years ago when the Pope, when asked about Mgr Ricca and a homosexual scandal replied with his notorious, "If a someone who is gay is seeking the Lord and has goodwill then who am I to judge?" comment. He went on to quote, relatively accurately, a section of the Catechism, indeed he cited it as he said it, concerning the need for homosexual persons to be treated with respect, sensitivity and compassion.

Image result for who am i to judge gifIt just so happens that fellow Jesuit and brother in omission, the splicing and twisting of doctrine and the Gospel, Fr James Martin S.J is also very keen on quoting this section of the Catechism and utilising it for his ongoing LGBTQI ministry, a ministry receiving some powerful patronage and support in the Church, tacitly from Francis, who has no interest in reigning him in, and blatantly from oddball Francis Cardinal appointees such as ++ Tobin, ++ Blaise Cupich and ++ Kevin Farrell (for those who doubt please see evidence of his endorsement of Fr James Martin's book here) who pretty much endorse Fr James Martin's subversive ministry and want him in their Dioceses misleading their flocks. These men are very loyal to Francis and in particular to his contradictory, ambiguous and subtly revolutionary Magisterium.

This Pope has never - not once - taught in any document or speech or interview, those preceding parts of the Catechism which draw attention either to the grave sinfulness of the act of homosexuality or to the disordered nature of the attraction. Not even to the part that links the condition with the Cross. Nor has Fr James Martin S.J. Some people think that Francis is so muddle headed that he quoted from the Catechism, cited it but maybe 'doesn't know' in much detail what the Catechism says about those aspects of homosexuality that are not so palatable to the gay lobby both inside and outside the Vatican. I expect that the opposite is true. Both Fr James Martin and Pope Francis are well-informed and knowledgeable of the Church's teaching on homosexuality but both wilfully overlook and refuse to teach those aspects of the Church's position which conflicts with the militant gay agenda. We need to start asking serious questions about what role, if any Pope Francis plays in the homosexualisation of the Church, because by hook or by crook he is sure doing his bit.
Image result for fr james martins sj

In the case of Fr James Martin, despite the forgiveable formational disadvantage of being a Jesuit (like Francis), it has been pointed out to him repeatedly that his presentation of Church teaching is incomplete and lacking in Catholic integrity, because his foundational premise uses the Catechism's language of 'respect' and 'sensitivity' but quickly hurries to omit the rest of the Church's teaching on the subject and veer off into queering moral theology and risibly inserting his own subjective suppositions into his arguments for good measure. Just like Francis did, however he spends most of his LGBTQI ministry emphasising the affirmative, or morally neutral parts of Christianity. 'We shouldn't judge', 'LGBT people have dignity', 'I am sure there are gay saints', etc.

Related image
In 2015 Francis's had a private meeting with a longtime friend from Argentina who has been in a same-sex relationship for 19 years. For some reason, the Vatican thought it wise that a 'private meeting' produce images such as this for CNN etc.

In contrast, Pope Francis does not ever talk about homosexuality, but dear readers, in order to subvert the Church's teachings he really does not have to. Why? Because he has Fr James Martin to preach his true message unhindered and without any form of reproach. He cannot vocalise his true message without needless confrontation and controversy. We don't want to wake the children, do we? He clearly feels that on this subject he should remain silent. All Francis has to do is create the atmosphere for certain plants to thrive. Fellow Jesuit, and media advisor, Fr James Martin SJ talks of little else. It is almost like that is his job - to be the LGBT wing commander number 1, gunning down Catholic doctrine and firing bullets into the Church while Francis distracts people with his unique persona and, ultimately, his still growing cult of personality.

But what these two have in common is the feature of deliberate omission of the teachings as they are given for the Faithful's Christian instruction and following the gay scandals that have hit the Church in this pontificate, as well the abuse crisis scandal now rocking Francis, I cannot help but feel this tendency of both men is instructive. They are both behaving in precisely the same way. Martin feeds ferociously off Francis's ambiguity and sudden reports of paradigm shifts and Francis, using precisely the same dissembling methods as Martin, happily provides Martin with the doctrinal vacuum and ground-shifting paradigm changes he needs to advance his LGBTQI agenda in the Church. This is a symbiotic relationship, Martin lives off Francis and Francis creates the culture for Martin to flourish.

Related image
Pope Francis is pictured holding hands with the open promoter of homosexuality, Fr. Luigi Ciotti in March 2014
One begins to wonder: Are they in fact working together for the same cause? The 'emancipation' of the militant gay movement in the Church? A year or two ago, I wouldn't have thought so, I would have thought Francis was interested in subverting Catholic morality for reasons known only to himself, but the more I think about his conduct for the last five years, the more it appears that far from having any concern about the 'gay lobby' in the Vatican (who don't, like Masons, carry identity cards, as we know), his efforts appear to support and bolster their movement quite strategically and in a manner that is becoming more blatant purely by the kind of company Francis keeps.

Image result for mgr ricca pope francis
Pope Francis being greeted by scandal-hit Mgr Ricca
On the sole occasion the Pope has really ever broached this subject - because of a gay scandal that made the question from a reporter inevitable - he followed directly the precise tactic of Fr James Martin in his campaign to manipulate and mutilate the Church's teachings on homosexuality by providing a foundation from the Catechism, ignoring the less popular truth revealed and inserting his own baseless paradigm where true Catholic doctrine should follow or appear, fixing it in a phrase suggestive of mercy and clemency but received as an attitude of calculated indifference to sin, even the language of sin.

The only difference between what the Holy Father did on the plane and what Fr James Martin SJ does weekly, is that the Holy Father's conclusion on the issue was couched in the language of objective and balanced neutrality, instead focussing on the need for lenient judgement of individuals of 'good will'. We might very well ask the question: Are those whose clerics whose scandalous lifestyles compromise the Church's teachings, who just so happen to be given special protection by Francis, really men of 'good will' towards the Church? We have it only on the Pope's authority that they are! Perhaps they are of good Francis, their faithful friend and ally! Humane 'neutrality' grounded in the need for 'dialogue' is a critical signpost of this pontificate and it informs everything from the China deal to the gutting of the Pontifical Acadamy for Life, to praising Emma Bonino to persecuting the FFI to saying 'There is no Catholic God'.

Grateful: The barely-dressed male performer kisses the hand of the pontiff after his show
The latest in a string of homoerotic circus acts at the Vatican, but as if to
illustrate the Vatican's culture, these events pre-exist Pope Francis.
Of course, it is not really "neutrality" at all, it is the attempted destruction of Christianity by subversive and deceptive means. We know these things are all toxic to the Faith, but in order for 'neutrality' to be asserted, real Catholicism must be thwarted at every turn.

It is noteworthy too, that similarly, in the China-Vatican furore, Agent Parolin takes the 'flak', just as he does when he announces that Amoris Laetitia amounts to a 'paradigm shift' in the Church that replaces everything that has preceded it. Francis himself has never said, 'My Exhortation is a paradigm shift that alters reality, everybody!' It is not Francis that announced that an imminent 'breakthrough' deal with China is on the horizon, one that will replace faithful members of the Hierarchy with Communist stooges. Absurdly controversial and divisive figures have risen up to immolate themselves for Francis, make catastrophic decisions and say outrageous things to advance Francis's or their shared agenda, to take the heat off Francis by announcing these things themselves, but all the time they do it, Francis seems to look on applauding like a man who has just received another scantily clad man doing a circus performance just for him.

Image result for parolin china
Pope Francis and Cardinal Parolin
Their job appears to be to look deadly and do seriously dirty work while Francis gets on with kissing babies and looking virtuous, granting everlasting plausible deniability to those dwindling number who still desperately want to think the Pope might still think like a Catholic.

Until Chile and the shocking Barros revelations it was all working a treat. Now it is all falling apart. Why? Because Francis overreached himself and broke his own rule of survival. He made very clear the Barros affair was his own personal decision and never laid it at anybody else's door. He even sacked 3 CDF priests for this guy's preservation. He even had a letter from a victim and laid himself open to charges of lying about his reception of evidence. He made the same error with Maradiaga who is conveniently absolved of guilt before adequate investigation. He now has to take ownership for decisions that look unjustifiable in the extreme. Protecting those who shielded abusers and who witnessed child abuse take place? Yes, TeamFrancis should be very worried now because even 'Mr Nice' in the mafia looks completely compromised and draped in both a rainbow flag and a red flag of corruption. The remaining question is, are these figures working for Francis, does he work for them, are they working for each other or are they all working for an external force?

Image result for lgbt retreat pope francis
New Ways Ministry are still rejoicing....
That said, another inch of the Francis mask has slipped this week, when it was announced his Lenten Retreat will be guided by a stridently LGBT focussed priest who thinks not much of Christ other than He 'hated rules'. A bit like Francis, then! Clearly, Fr James Martin is busy and has his hands full at the moment, so the Pope found someone else to guide the big gay retreat. Public knowledge of this is a massive hint drop of subtle approval of LGBTI ministry and queer theology in the Church. Those who hear of such news will assume this Pope is once more displaying his humane neutrality on gay issues.

Nobody will ever suspect that that the man in white is a subversive agent working towards the goal of the decimation of Christianity, or a major player in the homosexual lobby embedded in the Vatican, pursuing the normalisation of homosexual relationships and liaisons, or himself could potentially be mired in enough homosexual scandal to be blackmailed or controlled. No one will ever consider that, surely, because the Pope wears white, a symbol of purity. Right now, this Pope is only in Office because nobody can remove him. In the wake of this scandal, were he a bishop, Cardinal or priest, he would have been discreetly moved or retired off.

All of this begs questions: What did happen to the homosexual mafia report that Benedict XVI handed onto his Successor to deal with, who desired to see "filth" purged from the Catholic Church? And seriously, who else was at Cocco's party in Lent of last year? We might never know, but Pope Francis's own record on this issue might give some people reason for concern. We seem to now have a situation in the Church in which the gay agenda is flourishing freely in the walls of the Catholic Church. Francis is in a most sinister fashion aiding their cause so much that one could be forgiven for wondering whether he is, in fact, directing it. 

Image result for pope francis transgender
In 2016 Pope Francis the Vatican saw fit to permit this image to go public of a meeting with a woman who underwent sex-change surgery (to right of pope) and her 'wife' (to left of pope.)

Whatever Pope Francis's role is in this growing epidemic, this contagion of heresy and the promotion of sin is afflicting souls in the Church, and homosexual persons are among the Faithful Catholics who, adhering to the Church's timeless Magisterium, and who seek to bear witness to the Truth, suffer real marginalisation within the Church. It is they, not renegade bishops, faithless clerics and LGBTQ ministry advocates who look more and more to be sidelined and shown the door to some deserted place 'outside the camp' but I'll let Joseph Sciambra, whose video appears at the top of this post, fill you in on that...

Pray for Holy Mother Church! 

Pray for Pope Francis!Image result for pope benedict xvi wolves

Five years to the day of his abdication, pray for Benedict XVI!


Joe m said...

Excellent post. Note that the new edition of Jim Martin’s book does quite the entire passage from the CCC, but he tellingly nowhere affirms it’s teaching, but simply says gay sex is not now “permissible.” How... polite. The whole Church has groaned as it awakes to find itself quite homksexualized.

john haggerty said...

Here is Michael Matt of the Remnant Underground who, like millions of other faithful and devoted Catholics, wants his church back:

'With a few outstanding exceptions, it is undeniable that the Vatican today is crawling with politicians, rank modernists and even significant representatives from the so-called Lavender Mob - powerful forces that are using the bride of Christ like a cheap whore to satisfy their own perverse agenda.'

Hilaire Belloc could not have put it better!

Watch 'Saint Pope Paul VI? (When Pigs Fly!)' with Michael Matt from the Catacombs (YouTube).

Follow Mr Matt's Remnant Videos and his interviews with church bishops and lay Catholics who, with much help from the Holy Spirit, are trying to stop the Great Francis Apostasy.

Nicolas Bellord said...

Cardinal Kevin Farrell has banned Mary McAleese, former President of Ireland, and a Ugandan LGBT activist from giving a talk at the Vatican because of their permissive views on homosexual activity which seems to go against the general trend you describe so I am not quite clear why you feel he is a supporter of Martin S.J.

Deacon Augustine said...

Excellent post, Bones. I think you have cracked the door open on things most of us never wanted to think, but the dots do seem to join up.

Nicola Bellord, it is true that Farrell has not given permission for McAleese and Ugandan to address the conference on Vatican grounds, but he has not given any reason for "banning" them.

As the event has simply been moved to the Greg where his authority does not hold sway, they will be addressing the conference anyway.

Farrell is responsible for organizing the World Meeting of Families with the Irish bishops and that is clearly being pushed as an LGBT-fest - despite last-minute toning down of the propaganda.

john haggerty said...

The distinguished Mary McAleese has a broad-based coalition of support and goodwill.
She is also a very thoughtful and foxy strategist.
I doubt if any cleric is capable of outfoxing her, certainly not the very decent Diarmuid Martin and probably not Kevin Farrell.
By striking her name from the roster of speakers Cardinal Farrell (in a no-win situation) gave her what she wanted, because she and her friends then re-scheduled an alternative conference outside Vatican City.
In doing so she made the church look anti-democratic and frightened, further polished her own image as the caring politician who really listens... and ensured that every journalist would attend her gig.
Ms McAleese is an outspoken supporter of the (well-financed) world-wide homosexual revolution.
The movement has on its side the Supreme Court of the United States; all Western democratic political parties; schools, colleges and universities; local authorities; big business (which makes an ocean of money from the pink economy); the BBC, Hollywood and the music industry; the academic and psychiatric establishments; the professional sports fraternity; and nearly all of youth culture.
(Those psychiatrists who once regarded homosexuality as an emotional disorder were long ago retired from the profession.)
As part of her strategy Ms McAleese has described Catholic teaching on sexual morality as (quote) 'a form of child abuse'; in doing so she brutally reminds the church in Ireland of its terrible crimes against children, and cleverly yokes the church's sound moral (and Biblical) teaching to those despicable crimes.
(There is no logical connection between the two, but what is that to a foxy strategist?)
Pope Francis is a muddled man at the best of times.
He is not in a position to take on Ms McAleese or the gigantic anti-Catholic forces which now lay siege to the Vatican on all sides.
Look at the situation as a military strategist would see it.
The Gay Movement is within sight of storming the Citadel, the once impregnable Roman Catholic Church.
The movement claims that a third of priests (some say more than half) have homosexual inclinations.
So it shrewdly portrays the church as tottering and collapsing from within.
When Rome falls (and it is a matter of when not if) then we are in the Endgame.
The pan-sexualists will be in a position to destroy the last remnant of Christian marriage and thus change the way in which children are brought up and nurtured.
Within a generation or two, no one will care about or remember the church's teaching on sacramental marriage.

G.K. Chesterton said that the faith went to the dogs on three occasions in history and that on each occasion it was the dog that died.
We are in that time again, only now the dogs are tearing the body of Christ to pieces.

This is a battle for the soul of Christianity.

Bill said...

There may be, and probably is, some truth in this article. However, the choice of pictures shown in the article certainly implies that Pope Francis is certainly too friendly with homosexuals and/or the supposedly gay agenda of the Curia. These implications, which in my opinion exist in the article, are scandalous in the least, and have no place in any discussion of the topic. Perhaps a reading of Catholic moral theology will refresh his memory on such implications.

Deacon Augustine said...

Is the gentleman holding hands with Francis the same Gustavo Vera who Anne Barnhardt has been dropping hints about for the last 12 months? Or is it another flame altogether? His replacement perhaps?

john haggerty said...

There is a clear and carefully planned 'gay agenda' in the church, Bill.
In denying it you are playing into their hands.
There is also much confusion, fear, disagreement and indecision.
They say that the tragic Paul VI (the Hamlet of popes) stalked the corridors of the Vatican at night, haunted by the internal storms shaking the church's foundations.

Lenin dismissed well-meaning liberals in the West as 'useful idiots'.
Those Catholics who refuse to see the revolutionary nature of the LGBT agenda are behaving like Lenin's useful idiots.
Watch clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson (neither a Catholic nor a church-aligned Protestant) on YouTube.
He gets a great deal of flak merely for engaging in discourse, merely for exposing the subtle agendas of the hard-line feminists, cultural Marxists and transgender activists.

We are engaged in what Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones called 'the fight of faith'.

nazareusrex said...

Bergoglio has betrayed the Church from Argentina, is a declared enemy of the Law of God a Jesuit heretic who has ambitiously seized power. Catholics must pray but for God to remove this punishment and that God will soon remove it from the power that has been ilitically taken

The Bones said...


I have added some information as context to the images included, which are controversial simply because they are soft and neutral on homosexuality of their very nature.

Some images I have removed in the wake of your comment.

Nicolas Bellord said...

Deacon Augustine: The Catholic Herald says the meeting has been moved to the Jesuit Curia. Is that the same as the Greg to which you refer? Anyone it speaks volumes!

The Bones said...

Deacon Augustine

Is the gentleman holding hands with Francis the same Gustavo Vera who Anne Barnhardt has been dropping hints about for the last 12 months? Or is it another flame altogether? His replacement perhaps?

I have placed information under the image now explaining who he is with an article link on the man himself.

Deacon Augustine said...

Thanks for the clarifications, Bones - the LGBT Lobby seems to be everywhere in Francis' court.

Nicolas Bellord - sorry my mistake. The meeting has indeed been moved to the Jesuit Curia on the Borgo S. Spirito, just off the Via della Conciliazione and which is literally a stone's throw from the Vatican "border". I thought they had moved it to the Gregorian University which is more of a hike away on the Piazza della Pilotta. They certainly didn't bother to move it very far, but, as you say, the venue speaks volumes.

John Haggerty said...

The additional material that has been added to this post says it all.
The deal's been done.
The decisions have already been made.
The faithful just have to be softened up for the betrayals that lie ahead.
Francis is too weak and feeble a man to resist the spirit of the age.
Or perhaps he is just an applause junkie; he loves being groomed and glad-handed by the media.
Vanity vanity all is vanity.
Bones and Michael Matt are right.
The only hope lies in the faith of the underground church...
Catholics who daily recite the Rosary and who still fast and observe Days of Obligation...
Catholics who are still afraid of falling into mortal sin...
Perhaps out of the sleazy soap opera into which the Catholic Church has been reduced, there will appear a new Counter Reformation.
A new Teresa of Avila, another Ignatius Loyola.
But to whom would this spiritual rebirth swear allegiance?
Not to Francis.

The throne of Peter is now vacant.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, Mr. Bones, we'll always pray for Pope Benedict, long live the last Pope of RCC.

Bill said...

John Haggerty: Yes, I am aware of the gay agenda in the Church and particularly among members of the Vatican. My point it that the photos shown in the article certainly imply that Pope Francis is, at least, a member of that cabal. On another issue, I do not believe that the Chair of Peter is vacant. On what grounds? Personally, I fear for the future of the Church. Yes, we could use another Terese of Avila, or an Ignatius Loyola, or a Catherine of Siena, but just as important we could use more bishops with stiff spines.

The Bones said...

The photos show that Francis has chosen to be associated with that cabal. These are public pictures permitted by the Vatican to send a clear message. He need not be a member of it, but clearly this movement has his blessing!

john haggerty said...

Bill, regarding Francis and the Gay Cabal:
If he is not a member of that cabal then he is a fellow traveller.
Francis speaks in three modes.

1) Shmoozes with the gay-besotted media with his 'Who am I to judge?' remark.
2) Reassures the faithful that the church will never change in its condemnation of sin.
3) Appoints James Martin (his alter ego) as his head of communications; Martin who apologizes to the LGBT activists for the Church's 'intolerance' and 'bigotry' etc.

Even now at this very late hour Francis could dismiss Martin from his post and hammer out the Gospel's teaching for all the world to hear.
Yes, the hard stuff about denying yourself and taking up your cross and following Christ.

Francis could quote the words of St. Peter Damian on the vice of sodomy:
'It opens up hell and closes the gates of paradise. It defiles all things, sullies all things, pollutes all things.
The media and our cowardly politicians would erupt like all the devils of hell.
Let them.
They are empty vessels.
'Jesus caused an uproar when he entered Jerusalem and he will cause an uproar when he enters our hearts.' (I quote from Robert Murray McCheyne, a 19th Century Scottish Calvinist preacher).

In order to save the Church from sure and certain extinction, Francis and his team need to show 100 per cent opposition to the LGBT as a political movement.
It is the movement that is so dangerous, not the confused (and often vulnerable) young men and women who make it up.
Francis needs to say to those confused people: 'Christ understands your helpless condition and he is going to give you the grace and strength to live a righteous life and be a child of God.'
In this way the Church could show fidelity to the Gospel and pastoral sensitivity to the desperate men and women trapped in self-destructive lifestyles.
Including, yes, many many HETEROSEXUAL people who are in grave mortal sin.

A Glasgow Protestant pastor (who along with his congregation left the Church of Scotland over the gay issue) said he welcomed gay people in his new separatist church premises, but added:
'Jesus takes you WHERE you are, but he does no leave you AS you are.'
He would say the same to adulterers and fornicators.

In the 19th Century, young men said that the great Oxford Movement saved their souls, because they had been committing the sin they then called the public school vice.
The honest man in the above video said he received no help or support from the Church, and that he is seen as a traitor by the gay community.

Francis needs to remind the world that the road that leads to salvation is narrow and few there be that find it.
'The narrowness of the Gospel is the narrowness of God,' as that wise pastor Martyn Lloyd-Jones used to preach.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

Dude. When will the 'penny' drop? The Pope/Steward Shepard is not the enemy of the Flock. A Pope must be Catholic. A Pope is not an enemy to be constantly fighting AGAINST. This is a long interregnum. Vatican II is the fork in the road. We have to go left ... or right. Go right and things will become true, if more painful.

Physiocrat said...

@John Haggerty

Will Rome fall? If that happens, it will have lasted for almost a millennium. What will remain?

john haggerty said...

Rome will be destroyed by the enemies within just as Augustine's City of God was being assailed by the enemies outside; what will remain is what Michael Voris calls the 'church of the nice'.
Such a church is no different from the 'progressive' pseudo-Protestant churches in which conversion, judgment and hell are never preached, and where ministers do not believe in the pre-existence of Christ, nor in his virgin birth and resurrection, nor in his Second Coming.
The church of the Spongs and Don Cupitts.

The very Reformed churches in which I worship will become ever more isolated.

Educated people of my own age have no interest in historic, supernatural Christianity; they prefer Mindfulness, Yoga, Wicca, astrology and Buddhism.
They are so media-led that they are unable to digest the New Testament.

The New Atheists such as Sam Harris believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is merely a Harry Potter figure; this is the final triumph of the Higher Criticism of the 19th Century.
To them Jesus of Nazareth was neither man nor God.
I am reading 'The Invention of Jesus - How the Church Rewrote the New Testament' by Peter Cresswell, an anthropologist who studied at Cambridge.
This is the view that has become the fault-line position for so many people in the West.
They are so far along the road of unbelief that there is no way back.

Only a world war or a major pandemic such as the Spanish Influenza pandemic of 1919 could shake the West out of its hard-line antichrist position.

There is of course the Underground Catholic Church and the small Protestant Bible believing churches; these will comprise the loyal remnant.

Christianity in the West is in ruins as Arthur W Pink said on his deathbed in 1952.

Only the Holy Spirit bringing us Christian witnesses from Africa and Latin America can save us from barbarism.

john haggerty said...

Catholics, please watch YouTube:

How the LGBT movt is infiltrating churches.
Mass Resistance Texas Pro Family Conference April 2017.

The speaker is the Rev. Tom Littleton who, working only from facts, shows how massive finance from US government pushed through a programme that has the backing of UNESCO and Planned Parenthood.
Mr Littleton says of the LGBT strategy - if they can bring the legislature in Mississippi round to their way of thinking, they can do it anywhere

The endgame is that children who are indoctrinated by LGBT in public (state) schools will oppose Christian teaching both in the home and church.

The LGBT civil rights programme covers all creeds and denominations - Protestant, Catholic, Muslim, Hindu etc.

'How is it moving so fast?' asks Mr Littleton. 'MONEY.'

john haggerty said...

Dr. Michelle Cretella, President of the American College of Pediatricians says of the Comprehensive Sexuality Agenda being promoted in schools, that it:

1) sexualises children
2) threatens children's health
3) promotes a dangerous gender ideology
4) undermines the parent-child relationship

See The War on Children: The Comprehensive Sexuality Agenda SD (YouTube).

Nicolas Bellord said...

@Anonymous john haggerty: Have you read Gabrielle Kuby's "The Global Sexual Revolution - Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom"? It is a very thorough well-researched examination of the LGBT campaign.

john haggerty said...

Thank you for recommending this important book, Mr Bellord; I had not heard of it.
What astonishes me is how quickly events have moved.
I was shocked to hear the Archbishop of Canterbury say that 'We may need to rethink sexuality' and that was years ago.

Since then the transgender movement has further complicated the issue.
The Scottish Parliament wants to enable 'transgenders' to begin hormone treatment as early as 16 years; this is the irreversible step that leads to surgery.
We read of young people who have changed gender and regretted it.
There is a high risk of loneliness and suicide among this group.

My Catholic father died in 2000; he was horrified to learn that children in primary schools were being taught graphically about homosexuality.
He lived long enough to hear Roy Hattersley declaring on television that Catholic adoption agencies would have to accept homosexual men being able to adopt children - or face closure.
Suddenly this was a Civil Rights issue.
My father said he was glad to have let his Labour Party membership lapse.

What kind of self-admiring game are homosexual men playing in demanding the right to adopt a baby?
The game of being an ordinary couple living in the suburbs?
In the 1980s they had a bath-house culture which led to the spread of AIDS.
Now they all want to be Dads.
Adopting a child for them is a sentimental accessory; a way of keeping an unstable relationship together.

It is a moral evil to deny the baby the right to be loved and nurtured by a woman.
Call it an evil and you are charged with Hate Speech.
To say that it makes no difference to the baby is twaddle, though more than one academic psychologist has made his bogus reputation on this piece of insane social engineering.

The Church of England and the Church of Scotland are finished; I believe Rome is finished unless it has the guts to stand up to politicians and the media.

When the Christian family dies, so does everything else of value.

Nicolas Bellord said...

The theme of Gabrielle Kuby's book is that there are a lot of people who fear world overpopulation - both private organisations such as Soros, Rockefeller etc and governments and other agencies such as the UN and the EU. Their solution is to reduce procreation by promoting contraception and abortion and to divert people's sexual drives into LGBTI etc. Enormous sums of money are devoted to this program which is mainly directed to the poor of this world - it is the same old eugenics program. In this week's Catholic Herald Obianuju Ekeocha writes how 'billions of dollars spent sending contraceptives to Africa have done little more than enrich those at the top'. In particular 43% of UK aid to Africa is targeted at population control.

Kuby not only deals with outside influences but also the record of the Church which is mixed - she details what is happening in Germany where the Church's record on sex education is lamentable. Her book was published in 2012 i.e. before Pope Francis who whilst he speaks about the orthodox teaching seems to do and allow things which undermine what he says.

Pope Benedict XVI wrote "Mrs Kuby is a brave warrior against ideologies that ultimately result in the destruction of man."

john haggerty said...

Mr Bellord: I have just read about Gabrielle Kuby's conversion, online Catholic Herald. Tomorrow I shall look into St Paul's Media Centre and read Obianuju Ekeocha.

That European governments and the UN should share the same concerns as George Soros comes as no surprise; that their solutions to population growth should include the promotion of homosexuality in schools, not to mention eugenics, is disturbing beyond words.

It is easy to condemn sins that hold out no temptation; same sex attraction holds no more interest for me than drugs, gambling or hard liquor; so we must never be sanctimonious.
A cousin some 15 years my senior emigrated to Australia because of his homosexuality; both his parents were devout Catholics; his brothers married and are now grandfathers.

Somerset Maugham told his nephew that homosexual relationships do not work ('Conversations With Willie - Recollections of W. Somerset Maugham' by Robin Maugham 1978).

Over the years I have read biographies of gay people I admire - Hart Crane, Wilfrid Owen, Willa Cather, A.E. Housman, E.M. Forster, John Gielgud, Benjamin Britten, Alan Turing, Sylvia Townsend Warner, T.H. White, Garcia Lorca, Lorenz Hart, Billy Strayhorn, Noel Coward, Terence Rattigan, W.H. Auden, Christopher Isherwood, Tennessee Williams, Pablo Neruda, Marguerite Yourcenar, Patrick White, James Baldwin, Charlotte Wolff, Montgomery Clift, Gavin Maxwell, Edwin Morgan, Elizabeth Bishop, Peter Maxwell Davies, David Hockney.

That they had difficult lives is beyond dispute; that the men faced prosecution is shameful; that the women felt marginalized is distressing.

That Christianity alone offers hope is indisputable.
But no gay or gender-confused person should be cold-shouldered by families, colleagues or churches.
If we do so we will be responsible for their loss of faith and perhaps even their suicide.

We must maintain this charitable approach while saying 'No' to the Gay Agenda.
This is Christ's narrow way that leads to salvation.

We must pray for the repentance and conversion of George Soros; there will be much rejoicing in Heaven.


john haggerty said...

Listen on YouTube to:

'David Wilkerson Last Days Deception (must hear).'

The late preacher talks of the 'gospel of accommodation' that is sweeping America.
A false gospel to appease sinners.

'A gospel invented in Hell,' as Mr Wilkerson says.

john haggerty said...

Recommended: Catholic journalist Melanie McDonagh.

'Melanie McDonagh, Gay Marriage Prospects and Realities at the British Academy' (YouTube).

Read Melanie's journalism for The Tablet, Telegraph and Spectator online, but in particular:

Our Common Creed: The Break (Theos).
Newspapers are losing their religion but the Internet still has faith (Unherd).

Robert said...

Just shut up about this issue. Why are some papists obsessed with gays.there are more important issues. PPPoE Benedict said there are no gay or straight in the sight of God. The church does support marriage. It does not support heterosexuality.

john haggerty said...

I am sorry Robert, but we are not at liberty to 'shut up about this issue', though we must always be civil with those who disagree with us.

Christian marriage is between a man and woman and will be so for all time.
Homosexual acts are sinful in God's eyes.
So is sexual activity between men and women outside of marriage.
God's world, God's rules.

We are not obsessed with this one issue.
There are serious issues such as war, genocide, abortion, poverty, economic exploitation, racism, crime, drug and alcohol abuse, the destruction of ecosystems, human trafficking, female genital mutilation, violence against children and women etc.

But sexual morality is central to the Christian world view.
Family is central to the Christian world view, and the care of children.

Christians are going to find themselves out of step with the post-Christian, pagan world.
We are in the world, but not of the world.

Christians are not here to please politicians or governments or the media or current thinking on what is right and wrong.
Jesus told his disciples, 'Men will hate you for my sake.'
We do not want to be hated, but we have to expect it.

We are here to bring a lost world to Jesus Christ who said 'Take up your cross and follow me.'

john haggerty said...

If anyone is still in doubt about this issue, please see:
'2018 Year of the Gay (Michael Voris)'.

I had not watched Michael's brave vlog before making my above comments.
Now I see that the situation is far worse than I had imagined it to be.

If Francis does not speak out like the prophet Jeremiah who saw that there was 'death in the city,' then he is letting the Church slither down into the filthy muck of depravity.

He will have done so in full knowledge and with full consent.
He is a Jesuit. A priest who was educated over many years in moral theology.

Francis will be the shepherd who let Christ's sheep be eaten by the wolves.
Francis will be the unholy father who let Satan rape the Church.

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