Saturday, 9 October 2010

Sir Alec Guinness: Rad, Trad, Latin Mass, Taliban Catholic

The Martyrdom of Obi-Wan Kenobi

H/T Kneeling Catholic

"...Much water has flown under the Tiber's bridges, carrying away splendor and mystery from Rome since the Pontificate of Pius XII.... [T]he banalities and translations which have ousted the sonerous Latin and Greek are of a supermarket quality which is quite unacceptable. Hand shaking and embarrassed smiles or smirks have replaced the older courtesies: kneeling is out, queuing is in, and the general tone is like BBC radio broadcast for tiny tots...."

Who said this...Obi-Wan Kenobi or 'spirit of Vatican II' enthusiast, Darth Vader?

Apparently, Sir Alec Guinness used to worship at St Mary Magdalen's Church, Brighton, every now and then, don't you know. He came to me in a dream in 2003 and told me how great it was being married to his wife and how happy she made him.


Fr Ray Blake said...

He might have come here but only rarely, he used to serve private Masses for me at St John the Baptist when I was fist ordained. He lived in the parish in Royal Crescent and was there every Sunday.

Jane said...

In London, he used to come to the Latin Mass at St. Mary's Cadogan St., Chelsea, where I had the privilege of singing in the Latin choir for many years. It wasn't the TLM but the New Rite Latin but at least we could sing the Gregorian Propers and Renaissance settings of the Mass.

God bless Sir Alec. may he rest in peace.

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