Saturday, 20 August 2011

Michael Voris in London

I don't watch Michael Voris on my computer anymore because unfortunately my sound no longer works. I suppose, having just shelled out £690 on a van and a truly extortionate figure for insurance, the extra money to fix my computer seems like small fry, but having spent that much, I think I can live without sound a while longer.

What is more, I'll be unable to go myself to the talk he is giving on Wednesday as sadly I have another commitment. I am hoping very much that Mr Voris will be making the pilgrimage to Walsingham, but I am unsure what his itinerary is when he is on UK soil.

I know that the presenter of The Vortex is not everybody's cup of tea, but I rather enjoy his videos which are available on Real Catholic TV and usually appear like clockwork on Gloria TV as well.  As others have commented on other blogs, Voris, like the lay Catholic wing of the blogosphere, emerges at a time when the truths of the Catholic faith are not proclaimed boldly, in season and out of season. Sometimes, sadly, for many, it is a perpetual winter. And so Voris becomes necessary - his talks are urgent, hard-hitting, pull no punches and go straight to the point and he manages to drive the point home in about 5 minutes - which is quite a talent. He really is using his talent very well.

He used to work in the wilderness of the secular media and came back to the Faith and doesn't appear to have looked back. He is a man on a mission and that mission is the salvation of souls and the proclamation of the Gospel. He's very charismatic, as you will see from his videos, but he is charismatic in the right way - his gift, his charism, is teaching the faith. He also loves the Traditional Latin Mass and is horrified, as many of us are, that Summorum Pontificum has not been more widely embraced by the Church in the West.  If you can go, do, because I am sure you will be thoroughly entertained and learn more about the Most Holy Faith. Details below, but you can join the Facebook page here.

Michael Voris will be speaking live on "Living the Catholic Faith Radically!" at Regent Hall, 275 Oxford Street, London W1C 2DJ.
There will be an opportunity to ask questions after Michael's talk.
All tickets are £5 and will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. You can purchase them via paypal by visiting:
Any remaining tickets will be sold on the door on the night.
Doors open 7pm
Regent Hall is owned by The Salvation Army amd I'm grateful to them for giving us the use of the hall for the talk.
Please note that this will be a new talk for us in London, so even Michael's biggest internet fan won't have seen or heard it before.
This is a public event so do feel free to invite your friends via this events page. Please remember that by clicking 'Attending' you have not confirmed your place. You need to pay online to do that.

I'm thinking of decking the back of my van out in Catholic paintings and then starting my own Catholic media centre...or at least, that is one of my ideas in what for me is an habitual state of faffing around. Michael doesn't faff around, that is why he is a great gift to the Church. He knows what he is about and he knows what he should do - and he does it. I find it terribly sad that he is unpopular with many in the Church because of his views - his views are, after all, Catholic and in sync with the desires of the Holy Father. Here he is discussing that thorny issue - Communion in the hand.


Anonymous said...

Might be a daft question but have you tried putting headphones into the headphone jack of your comp? It might not be the sound-card that's gone, could just be the speakers themselves (in which case you could still get sound, albeit only via 'phones/hooking up to an external speaker)

Anne-Marie said...

Your readers would really like you to go if you can and report on the talk.

Pretty pleeeze.

Mike said...

You splashed the news of the Voris visit all over your blog. You have known the date for weeks.
What is the REAL reason that you are not going?

It has to be something important to stop you seeing, perhaps meeting Voris.

What's going on?

The Bones said...

Mike, Wednesday is my soup run night. If I can get someone to cover me then perhaps I should.

epsilon said...

Definitely you should, Lawrence - I'm stuck in Ireland so I can't:(

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