Allotment Progress

In response to a reader's comment asking for an allotment update, I am working this week all week, including Saturday. With regard to quite how I am going to make adequate improvements on my allotment I can see only a desert land, with no water and no way. Shall I quit my job or just give the keys to Jason and hope for the best? He'll want paying, mind.


Genty said…
Oh, dear. Really we need to see pictures of other allotments for comparison.
Solution 1: Get advice (and spare plants) from the other allotment holders.
Solution 2: Find out where they get their water.
Solution 3: Ask them where they got their sheds - a lot of sheds will be discarded from gardens.
Solution 3: Ask around to see who's got a rotovator, or where you can hire one for a day.
Solution 4: Shove in some lettuces.
Solution 5: Host a weekend Dig-In.
Solution 6: Two hours' work just twice a week will make a heck of a difference. Have you actually got a man-size fork and spade?
The Bones said…
I don't have the time, Genty. I'll be at work all week on my feet at the cafe.
Delia said…
Could you find out from the Council whether anyone on the allotment waiting list would be willing to share an allotment? Or just advertise for someone?
Anonymous said…
You'll have to find someone who does have the time and the will to cultivate the allotment. Maybe notice in the Church? If it's not possible, it's just not possible.
Celia said…
Here's your man:
'Benedict, 86, appeared frail in his last days as Pope but has since recovered well, rising daily at 5.30am and filling his time with piano practise to improve his Mozart, meeting old friends, praying, tending a kitchen garden, reading the Vatican's daily newspaper and watching the evening news on TV'
From the Daily Telegraph a few months ago. Gets up commendably early as well.
Genty said…
I think you have to give it up. Dreams can't always be realised and it will be one less burden.
Tim said…
Spread a rumour that there's a diamond engagement ring buried somewhere on the allotment - it'll dig itself overnight.
Unknown said…
On this side of the pond the rumor would need to be ancient Native American artifacts.

Finally got allotments explained to me by my Anglophile sister who lived 5 years in Haverford West, Wales and consequently now has an entire wall of her Indianapolis home covered with a gazillion carved wooden spoons .

Seattle Kimmy
Tantumblogo said…
Anyone want to explain this allotment thing to me? I don't get it. You get a parcel of land from the gummint, but you have to improve/maintain it?

In the US, we have more space. Thank God.
viterbo said…
Nah, Tantumblogo, yah only need Tony Robinson - AKA - Baldrick - to understand 'gummits' - especially since ol baldrick proper has been knighted before his sarciness, Blackadder.