Damian Thompson Leaves The Telegraph

Damian Thompson has let it be known that he has left The Telegraph on entirely amicable terms.

In a bizarre twist, on the day on which this news breaks, I have discovered that I have been blocked from commenting on Telegraph Blogs.

Was it something I said? It is sad that if the Antichrist stepped onto the World stage tomorrow, I wouldn't be able to give him a piece of my mind on Telegraph Blogs. I smell a conspiracy. Does it involve freemasons and/or lizards? Readers, I cannot rule it out. Damian says to 'watch this space' for his next move. The question on all our lips is: Is Damian planning to join The Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma? Whatever The Spectator are offering you Damian, I will match it*, but I urge you to consider well the Rule of the Guild.

*When funding is available.


Andrew said…
Join the club.
Genty said…
Too much Catholic stuff for the likes of the new(ish)Jason Seiken, the Telegraph's chief content officer and editor-in-chief. I see political commentator Benedict Brogan has been axed, too.
Expect the blogs to become fluffier (and unreadable) as the paper increasingly apes the Mail, usually a day late with the same stories.
So, farewell, then, The Telegraph as a newspaper of record. I stopped buying the print version years ago
Anonymous said…
Very sad news indeed, I may now stop being a Telegraph reader

God Bless all,


PS - Happy Corpus Christie!
Anonymous said…
I don't find much of what Mr Thompson writes to conform to Catholicism.
Unknown said…
Oh I've been kicked off Catholic Answers and Lifesite News--for being uncharitable and for criticizing the current pontificate. For similar reasons I have limited posting at the National Catholic Register. Just go back in as a sock puppet, Bonester. I do it all the time.
Seattle Kimmy
Anonymous said…
Patricia McKeever may succeed him.