Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Pope Benedict XVI and the Sins of 'Youth'

The Holy Father is currently bearing witness to Christ in the Holy Land. The majority of the media, not content or satisfied by the Pope's message of peace to those engaged in fratricide and civil strife in the country of Christ's birth, never fail to mention as often as they can, both the Williamson affair and the Holy Father's involvement in Hitler Youth at the age of 14, in nearly every article or item of news coverage of his visit.

Pope Benedict XVI, who it is widely known, became as disappointed and horrified by the Hitler regime as so many, many Germans who either joined willingly or were coerced into joining up, is having his actions which took place at the tender age of 14, held against him. From my study of the Holocaust at Liverpool University, I don't recall the Nazi regime as being particularly merciful towards dissent. I don't recall the history books as noting that the Nazi regime gladly took, 'No,' as an answer, when drafting the entire youth of Germany into the propaganda regime. I don't recall the Nazi regime respecting the freedom of any of its citizens. By and large, every 14-year-old was in Hitler Youth.

What is more, it took most Germans quite a long time to fully grasp the depth of the near demonic deception, into which Hitler's regime had plunged the nation. I am sure that there are many who were in Hitler Youth and Hitler's army, who are not the Pope, who go about every day, are now retired and who have never suffered any personal attacks on their integrity, in whatever position of public office they held. Any German would understand that the personal attack on the Holy Father for his actions as a 14 year-old are way off the mark.

He has publicly, many times, denounced both the Shoah and the horror of the Nazi regime that swept across Germany. But for the media this is not enough. At every moment they can, the media, especially the BBC deliberately attempt to undermine the Pope, assassinate his character, his integrity and his intentions, which, to anyone with a semblance of sense can see, is focused on bringing a heartfelt message of hope, forgiveness and peace to the Middle East.

Why do the media do this? Well, clearly, the media wish to colour the image of the Pope to the World. It is because the media, frankly, is anti-Catholic, anti-Pope, anti-Church and anti-Christ. I think you will agree that when the Holy Father is allowed to talk openly, without editing, or insinuation from broadcasters or journalists, he is obviously sincere and firm in his condemnation of anti-semitism, racial hatred and fratricidal emnity in whatever guise it is to be found.

As for Bishop Richard Williamson...Would he stand where the Pope stood yesterday and make a speech as tender-hearted as that? Williamson is a scandal to the Church and to the Jewish people in his deliberate refusal to acknowledge the horror of the Holocaust. However, the Holy Father, as Shepherd of Catholics across the globe, was even willing to make himself vulnerable to the verbal attacks which should really belong to Williamson alone. He was willing to take them upon himself, so that Williamson, who had excommunicated himself from Rome, may not be lost. It is unlikely that the media will ever understand that, and that, is a tragedy.


Crux Fidelis said...

I hate it when the media refer to Williamson as a "Catholic bishop". He is no more that than I am.

paramedicgirl said...

God bless Pope Benedict! He is doing an amazing job. I hope he has many more years in which to continue to steer the Church in the right direction.

Sharon said...

I realise that Joseph Ratzinger along with all boys his age was conscripted into the Hitler Youth but what if he joined enthusiastically? Would we hold up the childish enthusiasms of a 15yo to denigrate an 82yo who obviously did not hold any of the views of the Nazi regime? We would only do this if the boy grew up to be the pope of the Catholic Church.

Fr Donald Calloway was a delinquent and was expelled from Japan for being in with the Yakuza. Does anybody in their right mind hold it against Fr Calloway now that he was a delinquent when he was an adolescent? I think not. Joseph Pearce was a 'bovver boy'. Is that held against him? Of course not.

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