Sinister Jewish Plot Uncovered

Someone needs to report St Matthew to the Anti-Defamation League.

He's clearly a rabid, anti-semitic, hate-preaching conspiracy theorist.

Benedict XVI could have done with an Anti-Defamation League while The New York Times were putting his public reputation into the shredder, but sadly nobody was interested in the truth.

Ho-hum...Our Lord promised such would be so.

But hey-ho! All is not lost. Now that Pope Francis is here the Catholic Church is kosher and even those friendly Freemasons are welcoming the Pope...

Things are looking up!


Andrew said…
Many talking heads also used to dismiss the accusation that the international human organ trafficking business was conducted primarily by Jews as just another "blood libel".

That all changed very recently when Levy Izhak Rosenbaum became the first, and to date the only, person convicted in the US of illegal organ trafficking:

As to the blood libels themselves, it should be noted that the Church has made saints out of Christian children executed by Jews as part of their demonic Talmudic ritual slaughters, which one could argue makes questioning the veracity of these crimes akin to questioning the infallibility of whichever aspect of the Magisterium declares a person a saint.
Anonymous said…
Bones... congratulations on removing this wolf in sheep clothing from the front of your blog!!!

I am tired of this mason - about whom no one dares to say how it is - running our church!!!

Did you see what is coming? What are we going to do? "Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga: Pope wants to take "Church renovation" to "irreversible" point: Previous reforms were "insufficient, superficial", Church reform to be "deep and total".
Nicolas Bellord said…
Bones: I am not sure about the purpose of your post and your reference to the ADL. However Andrew's comment is truly shameful and should be removed. It is sad that Catholics, particularly in France, have historically been promoters of Anti-Semitism and thus made themselves indirectly responsible for the holocaust. And now we see a resurgence of Anti-Semitism in France and even some here. Catholics should be the first to condemn such.
Paul Hellyer said…
Jews are good people. Our society benfits from their cultural and charitable contributions. It would be a great shame if due to our weakness they left us for Israel.
kathleen said…
If Jews left "us" for Israel it wouldn't be because of "our weakness", it would be because of our billions of dollars in aid and our thousands of young peoples' lives taken in wars aligned with there interests gave them a country to "flee" to. I would hardly call that "our weakness".
Anonymous said…
The Masons have a real role in Catholic life in the Archdiocese of Palo (Tacloban City) in the Philippines and the Diocese of Naval in Biliran. They built the "Bishop's Palace" in the Diocese of Naval. I know for a fact (I lived there for 10 years) the Bishop was a member of it.

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