British Values

As part of a government program to curb extremism and radicalisation, entitled PREVENT, these two YouTube videos have been produced by St Annes Primary School in Royton.

These are promoted, interestingly as 'British Values'.

Children are being taught 'British Values' in an effort to stop radicalisation in every school in the United Kingdom.

Whatever you think about that - how effective it will be - or indeed whether you think it the right approach, the British Government must know they are educating children in 'British Values'.

Not 'Christian' values.

Not 'Islamic' values.

Not 'secular' values.

Not 'religious' values.

Not 'Western' values.

Not 'Enlightenment' values.

Not 'European' values.

Whatever one believes of the Government approach to a shared set of common values, looking back, it seems rather jingoistic and even racist and xenophobic to tie the shared values of those who reside in this country to the concept of the nation state. Isn't that the kind of thing that the BNP, if elected, would do?


Pelerin said…
Yes - anyone would think that other countries don't have 'values.'
Jacobi said…
Tolerance is a noun with several meanings. It can be good. It can be bad

Tolerance of good is good, of the indifferent is probably OK, and of Evil is Evil.

As for British values, well what are they? They vary throughout the UK and with time and sectional religion and secularism .

If St Anne's is a Catholic School then it should be promoting Catholic values and if these are seen to clash with other sectional values of those who happen to reside in the UK, tough!

A clash will come whether we Catholics like it or not, and that is something the Children at St Anne's should be accustomed to through perhaps Church history. If they are Catholics of course?
Andrew said…
At least since Cromwell's time, Britain has been a place where merchants and money lenders can do business and practice usury, safe in the knowledge that the Christians whom they prey on are kept well away from the criminally amoral parasites that profit from such evil.

So in some ways, yes, Britain is a place of tolerance, a state-enforced multicultural headland, where internationalists can use the court system to protect their contracts and, if it comes to it, extract their pound of flesh.

The money centers shift; first Venice, then Amsterdam, now London and even more recently New York. The "values" they call British today could easily be those of Shanghai tomorrow, Tokyo or, even more bizarrely, Moscow. Money migrates, and with it its attendant ethos.

And we all know who these values are meant to protect, and who they are used against. They're certainly not to be relied on if you are in any way a Catholic.
Physiocrat said…
All the British values worth having are Judeo-Christian. All of the better Islamic values come from the same source.

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