6/6/16: Evil is Visited upon the United Kingdom

I am not ashamed of this flag, for this is the banner of the Cross

Today, a Labour MP has been slaughtered, in broad daylight, by a knife and gun wielding maniac. Pray for the repose of her soul.

The media are making much of Jo Cox's 'Remain' campaigning. It is true that the Labour MP campaigned for the Government's objective of remaining in the EU.

The media are ignoring Jo Cox's human rights campaigning, in particular against the Israeli 'occupation' of 'the Palestinian territories'.

I believe that the British Press have barely let this passionate politician's body go cold before aligning her senseless murder, in cold blood, with the extreme right wing in Britain and, quite cynically by extension, the Leave campaign.

Regardless of the motivations for this outrageous crime, which has led to the death of a committed and passionate parliamentarian the mainstream media are already dancing over the political implications of what is being framed as a political assassination.

Note to the media: Not all Muslims are terrorists. It is a small minority.

Note to the media: Not all Brexit supporters are neo-Nazis. It is a small minority.

Note to media: Not all left-wingers are Stalinists. Oh, you knew that already!

The British Press have sunk lower than they ever have before but don't expect British politicians to behave much better.

Let there be a full enquiry, police investigation and trial of the apprehended man, his motives and his connections before a verdict is given to the British people concerning the terrible death of Jo Cox.

Presumably, the man arrested is the man who killed this woman.

Let us not presume to know his motives on specious hearsay.

That is not how British justice is meant to work.

I have a feeling that we will, in due course, be told by the British Press - and perhaps even by politicians with far less conviction and political backbone than Jo Cox - either by suggestion or insinuation - to vote 'Remain' in order to reject the violence of Jo Cox's murderer.

When it is presented to you, as it surely will be, if you really want to follow that logic, then do what Jo Cox proposed and boycott Israel.

I won't be boycotting Israel myself, but then I won't be bullied or emotionally manipulated into making a democratic choice that I am still yet to take, but if you want to be consistent with that logic then carry on her legacy fighting for the dignity and human rights of the dispossessed as she did.

May the soul of Jo Cox rest in peace. May her family, friends and colleagues find consolation and peace from God and may God and Our Lady come speedily to the aid of this country and rescue us from the evil that is being visited upon our nation, of which Jo Cox's senseless murder is the latest high profile manifestation.

Pray very much for our country, that Jesus and Mary will once more reign over our land and our hearts as King and Queen.


Mrs D. said…
Hmm she was an advocate that "the woman's right to choose" should be universal too... See http://www.theyworkforyou.com/debates/?id=2015-11-04a.955.6
May she rest in peace.
Unknown said…
And now according to "Pope" Francis, due to the likely invalidity of her marriage, she was fornicating and her children were bastards.

Seattle kim
Unknown said…
Copying this from a Worpress poster named Murray:
"We'll be seeing much more of this kind of thing. Our elites have deliberately made war on their own people, denying them their birthright, mocking their history, religion, and culture, and displacing them through the mass importation of barbarians. It's hardly surprising that a few on the fringes (of society or sanity) will choose to respond with violence."

Seattle kim
Physiocrat said…
"Israel occupation"?

What country did Israel invade in 1967?

Why did it do that?

What should it do next?
... but if you want to be consistent with that logic then carry on her legacy fighting for the dignity and human rights of the dispossessed as she did.

Why is a British Politician praised for fighting for the dignity and human rights of foreigners ?

Isn't her job supposed to be fighting for the dignity and human rights of British citizens?

Unknown said…
The end game----no more countries. New global world order. People like Cox are just part of the plan.
Plenty of Coxes here in the U.S. as well.

Seattle Kim
Physiocrat said…
Cox was probably well-intentioned but a bit naive who easily fell for a sob story. There are plenty of people like her. Attitudes towards Israel are a good litmus - railing against Israel's transgressions whilst ignoring far worse on a bigger scale going on all around the world. I wonder what she ever said against, for instance, Indonesia in Papua-New Guinea or China in Tibet, or Mugabe in Zimbabwe or King Jong II in North Korea? It is an stance that promotes a lot of mischief in the world.

Pray for her family and for the repose of her soul. The sad thing is that if she had stuck to local affairs she would probably have done a good job and still been alive today.

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