A Day With Mary

A parish newsletter today informed me that Bishop Richard Moth will preside at 'A Day with Mary' on Saturday June 27th at Arundel Cathedral. The Day With Mary is from 10am - 5pm.

The Day with Mary website doesn't seem to be working terribly well at the moment but I am greatly heartened that His Lordship is making a space for Mary, as did the Beloved Disciple who, having received the Lord's instruction from the Cross, henceforth took His Blessed Mother into his own home.

So should it be for every Christian. The Bishop's predecessor (perhaps someone can correct me if I am wrong) did not make Our Lady or her importance to the Christian greatly known so this is wonderful news.

May the Lord Jesus and His Blessed Mother bless the ministry of our Bishop, so that he may govern and teach People of God with charity, zeal and wisdom.

Deo gratias!


M. Prodigal said…
Not sure but I think the Day with Mary staff may presently be on pilgrimage. Good news about the Bishop participating; very encouraging. And, Lord knows, we need encouraging news in the Church these days.
Nicolas Bellord said…
A great opportunity to meet our new Bishop.
Pelerin said…
If you do have the opportunity to meet him don't mention the wa-potatoes!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for flagging this up. I think I shall go. Is there parking? Last time I went, I remember parking on a road nearby.

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