Little Flowers

According to The Telegraph, Andrea Tornielli is releasing a new book about Pope Francis entitled, 'The Little Flowers of Pope Francis'.

So, it looks like my 'Pope Francis Little Book of Insults' will have competition, indeed, next year.

Both titles are, in my opinion, in poor taste.

Tornielli's book will be interesting.

I can't wait for the recounting of 'how Pope Francis tamed the self-absorbed, promethean neo-Pelagian, sourpuss, long-faced mournful, authoritarian, elitist, querulous and disillusioned pessimist, careerist, elitist, liquid Christian, rosary counting, functionary airport Bishop'.


Anonymous said…
Dear Laurence, I enjoy what you write and you are very witty. However, try and avoid the sarcasm because it takes away from your message. Barring that bit of criticism, please keep up the good work! Kind regards, David Morton
viterbo said…
I wonder when those close to the pope will give him the same much needed admonishment.
ATDP said…
How about, too, a book of the new obligations binding under the pain of mortal sin for every Catholic that have emerged since last March.

For instance, one must be over the moon because Pope Francis is Person of the Year.

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