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Phillip Totten said…
STOP PRESS: Mueller confirms SSPX are in, de facto, schism.
The Bones said…

That's a sign of the times, but its not news that the SSPX are in, de facto, schism.
I would like to add "post-conciliar" to Jesuit.

Otherwise it´s offending St. Ignatius, St. Petrus Canisius, St. Francis Xavier and all the other holy Jesuits.
The Bones said…
I am quite sure these great Saints are fully aware of the problems besetting their once exemplary Order.
You are right, they are fully aware but most of the contemporary Catholics aren´t.
Phillip Totten said…
You're right it's not new news that the SSPX are in, de facto, schism particularly as it's a simple statement of the current reality. It's good seeing Muller say it boldly again because it needs repeating. A lot of 'traditionalists' do not accept this fact so it's good to hear you admit it!
viterbo said…
'de facto' -what does that mean (not real).


Where does he get his ideas from? and why does he say them out loud?
Tancred said…
Commies good, SSPX bad! +M invited recently a close friend of his from Argentina active in Socialist circles, and Pope B dislikes him tremendously for various and interesting reasons. It all reads like something out of Simone de Beauvoir's Mandarins.

And LOL on the picture, btw!
Elizabeth said…
Good one. Sad to say, but good one.
viterbo said…
'Muller' 'boldly' says many things. the latest disagrees with the 'historic' Church (what does 'historic' mean? (irrelevant)) on the 'meaning' of the Real Presence.

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