An Honour and a Privilege

This post has been amended. Apparently, Austen Ivereigh sent a Twitter message as appears below. I have been to Confession to ask forgiveness for my rather vindictive riposte to Mr Ivereigh's Twitter message concerning my last post on ongoings in Rome. All I shall say is, Mr Ivereigh, it is a great honour and privilege that someone with so many media contacts, TV appearances and friends in high places should be so kind as to promote my blog on Twitter. Thank you.

 'Paranoid and sarcastic: a glimpse inside the world of anti-Francis traddie pushback'

Wherein he then links to my post.

You're welcome to your opinion Mr Ivereigh, but if loyalty to the Successor of St Peter means looking away while a perfectly healthy, vibrant and attractive Franciscan Order gets devastated by those who claim to act on behalf of the Pope, then I ask only if that is true loyalty, or a cowardly refusal to state the truth in charity and to ignore and indeed be complicit in, by silence, the travesty of justice that appears to be unfolding before our eyes in their regard. Sarcastic? Possibly. Paranoid? I do hope so. I truly, truly do. If you saw my previous post, before I amended it, I apologise. Who am I to judge you? Three Aves and a Gloria coming your way, Austen. Doh! Keep forgetting! Don't count!


Jackie Parkes said…
"Jesus Christ told us explicitly not to even let our left hand know what our right hand is doing in almsgiving and furthermore, for public knowledge of it to mean the automatic loss of heavenly reward, since our Heavenly Father sees what we do 'in secret' and rewards us 'in secret'." Indeed Laurence but thanks for telling us about Austen
I never heard of him. Is it this heterodox Mr. Ivereigh who accused you and many of your Catholic readers of living in the “world of anti-Francis traddie pushback'”?

Austen Ivereigh backs gay and straight civil partnerships, in defiance of Catholic Church teaching

Austen Ivereigh Muddled about Marriage

Lynda said…
That was nothing other than a smear intended to intimidate one into silence. Thank you for speaking up for those persecuted for their Faith. It's people like you I want around me when I'm being mistreated. God bless you.
viterbo said…
"Paranoid and sarcastic: a glimpse inside the world of anti-Francis traddie pushback"; such praise! If not for the tactics of this pontiff, you might never have received such glory. I jest. Does papa-tango jest when he says and does things that wound the Church? If he doesn't see authentic Catholicism as an adversary, he's doing a great job at appearing to.

Definition A: 'Psychological warfare is a tool used to demoralize one's adversary in an attempt to ensure victory. Over time, this device has evolved from Genghis Khan’s brutal tactics to the hypnotizing words of "Tokyo Rose" and "Baghdad Bob." While the methods of psychological warfare are ever changing, the underlying goal remains the same: to attack one’s enemies through the mind as well as the body, and in doing so, overcome them.'

Defintion B: 'Psychological warfare: Various techniques used, and aimed at influencing a target audience’s value system, belief system, emotions, motives, reasoning, or behavior. It is used to induce confessions or reinforce attitudes and behaviors favorable to the originator’s objectives.'
Jackie Parkes said…
With respect Laurence didn't you start it with that comment as to where his book royalties were going?
Hughie said…
Just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean the bastards are not out to get you!
The Bones said…

No. I did not. That was an imprudent response to his Twitter message.
Genty said…
Let's all have some rice pudding. Very calming. Let Austin eat prunes.
Hermit Crab said…
The 'pushback' is gaining momentum. What Austen Ivereigh would prefer to dismiss as "paranoid and sarcastic", is the truth, and it's hitting harder and harder. You made him squeal. Well done!
BJC said…
Austen is so pompous. Does he really believe people read his own poor attempts at explaining the Catholic faith uncritically, e.g. his dissembling nonsense on civil partnerships? All that shines through is his own weakness of faith. Nothing worse than a journalist convinced of his own superiority.

Interesting he reads your blog though. He obviously sees you as threat to the liberal world view, which is a compliment in itself. Strange as well, seeing as in journalistic terms you are supposed be just a little fly. Somewhat paranoid I would say.
Anonymous said…
Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen. See the link below for more info.


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