Sunday, 6 December 2009

Crisis? What Crisis? Move Over Boys, the Lesbishops have Arrived!

"A lesbian bishop, you say? Now that is kinky!"

The Times' Ruth Gledhill reported yesterday that, 'the Archbishop of Canterbury warned today that the election of a lesbian bishop in the United States raises "very serious questions" for the entire Anglican church.'

Why does it raise 'very serious questions' for the entire Anglican church? Surely, this is just logical progression? I've done some quick maths (not my strong point, I know) but I think this just about works out:
Anglican Communion + Astronomical Heights of Navel-Gazing = Openly Big Gay Priests

Anglican Communion + Openly Big Gay Priests + Intense Beard-Stroking = Lady Priests

Anglican Communion + Openly Big Gay Priests + Lady Priests + 'Um-ing' and 'Ah-ing' = Lady Bishops

Anglican Communion + Openly Big Gay Priests + Lady Priests + Lady Bishops + Cream Tea Mornings = Openly Big Gay Bishops

Anglican Communion + Openly Big Gay Priests + Lady Priests + Lady Bishops + Openly Big Gay Bishops + Generous Helping of Tolerance Crumble with Runny Yellow Custard = Openly Big Lesbian Bishops, Total Farce and Sudden Rise in Applications from Transgendered/Cross-Dressing/Ladyboys of Bangkok community for the Anglican priesthood.
I think this just about sums up the state of the Anglican Communion.


pelerin said...

Interesting progression and very logical. I could never understand how Anglicans were prepared to accept lady vicars (or vicarines as my husband used to call them) but then say that they could not be bishops - an obvious progression for the lucky? few.

I suppose one day they will have a lady archbishop of Canterbury who may or may not be gay and some will wonder where it all started.

Pilgrim said...

I wonder how much longer anglicanism will last. What is its point? They are embracing every single secular norm and are distancing themselves from Christianity. I think they'll end up as a new age movement with obscure Christian roots. Am I too harsh and uncharitable?

The Bones said...

No, just seeing the pattern of events.

Physiocrat said...

Don't mock. Lesbos is a perfectly respectable Greek Orthodox diocese. The present incumbent is His Eminence Metropolitan Iakovos III of Mytiline

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