Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The Eugenics Society & the Abortion Society

Click here for a new movie, Maafa 21, which is hopefully taking grassroots USA by storm. Clearly, even a black President thinks eugenics against blacks is good, otherwise he'd have stood up to the World's largest abortion provider. The founding of Birmingham's 'The Cathorpe Clinic' and Planned Parenthood International is not as far removed as one would have thought. At the heart of abortion, is eugenics.

If you have a relatively strong constitution, I would recommend a browse through the membership of the Eugenics Society, now known as The Galton Institute. As well as more infamous members such as Margaret Sanger and lefties we thought were nice like John Maynard Keynes, it gives surprising detail on the employment trends of some of its less notorious members. Pro-life campaigners who have been in the thick of the pro-life movement for years will be familiar with the name of one Dr Martin John Cole. In fact, a friend of mine who grew up in Birmingham knew the name well. He described him in less than flattering terms. It is not surprising. What is frightening in reading about his career is the ease with which gross evil was allowed to have been committed by him, and others like him, throughout his career, and nobody seemed to see that he was making money off the back of both scandalising the young and being at the heart of the Abortion Reform Association. He had a vested interest in it, namely money.

Call me naive, but I didn't realise that as well as a eugenic mindset in those who sought abortion reform, another motive was cash. Lots of it. This links in rather ghastily with the letter below, I think.

In 1989 the Institute for Sex Education and Research Ltd owned the stock of the Calthorpe Ltd abortion facility in Birmingham in the form of preferred stock. This means that the Institute for Sex Education and Research received a fixed sum from Calthorpe Ltd before profits were calculated.

The amount has been £115,000 annually since 1973. Thus Martin Cole and his ideas have been financed by the Calthorpe Ltd, since he controls the Institute for Sex Education and Research. Martin Cole has supported promiscuity for teenagers and prostitution as a medical service. These ideas, in turn, support him since they lead to abortions at the Calthorpe.

During his career he was a sex therapist, the Chairman of the Abortion Law Reform Association Executive Committee, Company Director of Brook Advisory Service and founder of Birmingham Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS). But, along with this he was Founder and Director of the Institute for Sex Education & Research and Calthorpe Nursing Home which was co-founder of the abortion facility now known as The Calthorpe Clinic.

He owned his own publications company, Martin Cole Publications from which he could launch 'Growing Up', a sex 'education' video which, in 1992, was still distributed by Martin Cole Publications and The Institute of Sex Education and Research. This attracted condemnation by Mary Whitehouse, Lord Longford and Margaret Thatcher. The same year he produced a book 'Fundamentals of Sex' which caused particular comment because it contained explicit photographs of the subject matter.

How clever and shrewd are the wicked!? His exploits were perverting the young and fostering a culture of promiscuity. He then picked up the pay cheque when girls fell pregnant in Birmingham and sought his advice. His advice? Abortion for these poor souls and money for his pockets! Wikipedia shows the man is still with us, unless someone hasn't updated it. He can sue me if he wants, for whatever Wikipedia says, nobody remembers the wicked. I've committed some whopping sins in my time but this guy was or is a scandalous man and I've no doubt, having looked through the membership of the Eugenics Society that these creatures went to the top of the medical profession, the pregnancy advice profession, the psychology profession, pharmaceutical profession and a great many other influential areas in which they could wield their knives and dig them into the poor! The same men, the same opportunists and eugenicists are doubtless doing the same now in embryonic research, abortion and the rest. Everytime a pro-life issue comes to Parliament, MPs are seduced by the wiles of these satanically driven men and women making money out of legally institutionalised murder, carnage and heartbreak! That's double wickedness! Making money out of corrupting the young and making money out of their weakness, poverty and misery at the other end!


Anonymous said...

For more on the honorific eugenic connections to Margaret Sanger and her Planned Parenthood and abortion group- watch the 2 hour documentary: Maafa21. clips here: http://www.maafa21.com

Physiocrat said...

Makes one wonder if Dr Harold Shipman was only just an odd rotten apple in the barrel.

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