Sunday, 13 December 2009

Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906 – 1945)

“To kill the fruit in the womb is to injure the right to life given the child by God. To even ask whether this is already a human being or not, only confuses the simple fact that this human being has been intentionally robbed of his life. That is nothing other than murder." ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Victim of the Nazi Holocaust.
From 2002, according to the BBC...

Richard Lynn (Galton Institute member), Emeritus professor of Psychology at the University of Ulster, has written a book in which he says it is time for a re-think. He told the BBC that advances in medical technology, such as the pre-natal diagnosis of pregnant women for genetically disordered foetuses, meant that in a sense eugenics was already being practised.
"The general principle of eugenics, that we could improve the genetic quality of the population need taking seriously. The new medical technology of eugenics is going to take off, because it satisfies the needs of individuals, both for themselves and as parents. Parents would like to have children who are free of genetic diseases, and potentially in the future they will want to have children who are intelligent. This is serving people's needs and wishes. As the technology comes on line to allow them to do this, people will take it up."

Brothers and sisters. In all solemnity, how can it be that the British nation and Parliament was so deceived about the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill? At the time, Ann Widdecombe said, "This is eugenics." It was sold to Parliament and dressed up to the people as a matter of learning about cures for diseases. The Catholic World recoiled because we knew that they would be destroying and using embryos. That is wicked enough, but that is not all they are doing.

It is abundantly clear now, that these people are not interested so much as in curing diseases for those who are sick now! Or treating those who are ill now! These researchers, scientists, professors and academics of various institutions are concerned with eliminating disease in human beings, creating human beings without disease, sickness, illness, disability, mental illness, addiction. They are doing exactly what the Eugenics Society had always dreamed about! It is highly plausible that these researchers, given their membership of the Galton Institute are even working on eliminating certain racial characteristics, or even more diabolically, finding out which diseases work effectively on which races or 'types'! This, I assure you, is Nazism and it is going on in universities, hospitals and research institutions up and down the country and nearly all of the practitioners of it belong to the Galton Institute which used to be the British Eugenics Society.

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