Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Why I Will Never Own a TV Again...

Once upon a time, TV was good.
Now it is sh*t.
That is why I will never buy another TV license
As long as I live
I cannot be the only person who feels like this...
What are the TV listings tonight?
I just looked at them
They are sh*te
I'm glad I've got
The internet
And friends
And more than friends yes
A fiancee as well
I love you, my darling
Let's play cards and listen to songs instead
TV Licensing want a hundred and forty two quid
To screen I'm a Celebrity in a Quagmire
Get me Out of Here
I'm going to have to write to them
Tell them I'll have to pass
I'm going to have to write to them
Tell them to kiss my...


Unknown said...

I completely agree. Most TV is utter rubbish. (Excluding nature programmes, documentaries, etc.)

Congratulations on your engagement by the way, that's brilliant news. I hope I get an invite to the wedding!

JamesP said...

Congratulations on the engagement!

I'm surprised to hear that anybody is still watching TV...

Physiocrat said...

I haven't had one for years. Gained a surprising amount of space in the corner of my room and must have saved the best part of £1000. It is a good form of legal tax avoidance. Not having a TV is one of several ways of keeping one's money out of the hands of the evil government - it is possible to deprive them of up to £5k a year in this way.

berenike said...



Natasa said...

Congratulations on the engagement!

Kate said...

Congratulations on your engagement!

Patricius said...

According to a programme I heard on Radio 4 last week a lady interviewed back in the 1950s expressed her satisfaction with the acquisition of a television set observing, "When you've been married a long time you don't have so much conversation. Television helps pass the time." Not a problem I've encountered in 25 years!

TV Licensing Blog said...

You realise that both the X Factor and I'm A Celebrity (Allegedly) are ITV shows and not funded at all by the licence fee?

Unknown said...

My TV just packed up. How ironic! I'm really not bothered about replacing it as I don't watch it much anyway. I prefer entertaining my ferrets, who also show little interest in TV and enjoy bouncing around to music instead! Muse always seems to make them more hyper, Mozart makes them relaxed.

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