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Embryonic Research Approved by the HFEA...

Any scientists out there? I'd appreciate if you to tell me what this important research actually is, though I think I have gleaned a little from the descriptions of the research already approved by the HFEA. Good Lord...I am not a scientist, as you will be well aware. However, it appears to me that there is some pretty weird stuff being done to human embryos in the name of 'medical research to cure diseases'. I don't know, you know, its like some of the researchers are trying to work out whether they can affect changes in embryos and test whether they are immune to certain diseases or, heck, maybe they are trying to 'improve humanity' by creating some kind of a superhuman, like a master race. I don't know, I'm just guessing. What do I know?! Excuse me, just need to be sick a little...

Assisted Conception Service, Glasgow Royal Infirmary
The effect of biomass reduction on embryo development after biopsy of either one or two blastomeres (R0175)

Birmingham Women's Hospital / Institute of Biomedical Research

Human Gamete Interaction and Signalling (R0172 / R0173)

Cardiff Assisted Reproduction Unit

Investigation into the Role of Sperm PLC- Zeta in Human Oocyte Activation (R0161)

Centre for Assisted Reproduction, Coventry
Indicators of Oocyte and Embryo Development (R0155)

Centre at LIFE, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Epigenetic Studies of Preimplantation Embryos & Derived Stem Cells (R0145); Derivation of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Lines using Nuclear Transfer & Parthenogenically Activated Oocytes (R0152); Mitochondrial DNA Disorders: preventing transmission (R0153)

Centre for Stem Cell Biology, University of Sheffield
Development of human embryonic stem cell lines to Good Manufacturing Practice for treatment of degenerative diseases and conditions (R0115)

Hey! What d'ya know!? Look, who's dropped by! It's Josef Mengele, the former Nazi eugenicist doctor from the Holocaust! Fancy seeing you here!

Clarendon Wing, Leeds General Infirmary
Maturation of fertilisation of human eggs in vitro (R0104)

Guy's Hospital, London
Improving methods for biopsy & preimplantation diagnosis of inherited genetic disease of human embryos (R0075); Correlation of embryo morphology with ability to generate embryonic stem cell lines & subsequent growth differentiative characteristics (R0133)

Human Genetics and Embryology Laboratories, University College Hospital, London
The development of novel preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) procedures and the study of early human development (R0113)

Institute of Reproductive and Developmental Biology, Imperial College, London
Comparative Studies on Human Embryonic Stem Cells and Stem Cells Derived from Male Germ Cells

IVF Hammersmith
The vitrification of blastocysts following biopsy at the early-cleavage stage or blastocyst stage of embryo development - A Pilot Study.

London Fertility Centre
Analysis of chromosomes in human preimplantation embryos using FISH and CGH (R0169)

Oxford Fertility Unit
Development of a model to study implantation in the human (R0111); Derive human embryonic stem cells and trophoblast cell lines (R0143); Develop Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) for Mitochondrial DNA Disease (R0149)

Roslin Cells Limited
Platform technologies underpinning human embryonic stem cell derivation (R0136)

Scottish Biomedical
Derivation of a human embryonic stem cell line for the development of drugs for human disease (R0182)

St Mary's Hospital, Manchester / Manchester Fertility Services / University of Manchester
In vitro development and implantation of normal human preimplantation embryos compared with uni- or poly- pronucleate pre-embryos (R0026); Derivation of human embryonic stem cell lines from embryos created from clinically unused oocytes…(R0170/171)

University of Cambridge
Derivation of Human Stem Cells from Human Surplus Embryos: The Development of hES Cultures, Characterisation of Factors Necessary for Maintaining Pluripotency and Specific Differentiation towards Transplantable Tissues (R0162)

University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Centre for Stem Cell Biology & Developmental genetics, Institute of Human Genetics
Derivation of Embryonic Stem cell Lines from Interspecies Embryos produced by Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer (R0179)

University of Southampton
Environmental Sensitivity of the Human Pre-Implantation Embryo (R0142)

University of York
Biochemistry of early human embryos (R0067)

Welcome Trust Centre for Stem Cell Research, University College Cambridge
Derivation of pluripotent human embryo cell lines (R0178) (Previously R0132 - Institute of Stem Cell Research, Edinburgh)
Now, if you compare, briefly, the list of universities and research bodies with the list of board members of the Galton Institute and where they are teaching or researching, you will find a striking correlation between the two. How odd it is that leading figures of The Galton Institute, aka, The British Eugenics Society, just so happen to lead genetic, biological, molecular or cell research at many of the above institutions! Who'd have thunk it!

Oh boy! That's got to be some kind of freaky co-incidence! Freaky co-incidence also, isn't it that William Beveridge, the architect of the NHS was in the British Eugenics Society. Nice guy, you know. Lovely William, who set up the NHS because he cared for 'the working class'. He'd be proud of the UCL, Glasgow and other hospital's work in embryo research now, wouldn't he? Of course, you can get abortion, IVF, 'family planning' and contraception on the NHS too, can't you? BPAS do a lot of work there too, don't they? Yep. Cough. Yuk. Sorry, just had to get rid of a little vomit, there.

It's suddenly all becoming clear. These scientists are 'furthering the good of humanity'. I think they're trying to better humanity, you know, improve it. It's important that research goes into how to screen out poor people, disabled people, people with low IQs, mentally ill people (like those good 'fellows' at Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute who recently proclaimed, "We've discovered the gene!"), alcoholics, drug addicts and 'criminal types'. He described the five 'Giant Evils' of Want, Disease, Ignorance, Squalor and Idleness as things to be eliminated. Here you go, William. This one's for you.

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