Friday, 11 December 2009

The World According to Monsanto: Part 1

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goal is to centralise and monopolise the entire global human food chain and patent every seed known to man, other, presumably, than man's own. Mind you, I wouldn't put that past them. They can keep their filthy mitts off mine though. Hands off my seed! I might need that!

Their only goal is profit, they do not care whether their products harm human beings and they have absolutely no interest whatsoever in 'feeding Africa' or 'banishing famine'. Monsanto were part of the team that brought you, or rather the vietnamese, Agent Orange.

In 1967, Monsanto (Source: Sourcewatch) entered into a joint venture with IG Farben. IG Farben is the German chemical firm that was the financial core of the Hitler regime, and was the main supplier of Zyklon-B to the German government during the extermination phase of the Holocaust. IG Farben, quite incredibly, was not dissolved until 2003.

Regardless of whether you think the vitamin and mineral industry is a load of new-age hippy nonsense, which is highly possible (though it has to be said, where do you get vitamins and minerals when they're no longer in your food) you have to admit that the idea of one company owning, in accelerating fashion, the global seed supply, the idea of the same company seeking to genetically modify the World's food and the same company appearing to have emerged with strong links to the makers of Agent Orange in Vietnam and makers of Zyklon-B during the Holocaust, - all of these ideas are, ahem, a little alarming. The US Government are in bed with Monsanto, the UK Government may not be so in bed with Monsanto, but guess what? The EU is in bed with Monsanto and what is more, the Lisbon Treaty has destroyed UK sovereignty over such law via its ratification. Thanks to the Lisbon Treaty, genetically modified foods are coming our way too.

Monsanto, interestingly, seem to have a strong presence at the Copenhagen Summit as well because, of course, if you can modify the genetic structure of a plant or seed, you can make a 'climate-friendly crop' in return for carbon credits. Not only that, but you're the only guys who can do it because you have a monopoly on GM products.

Now, let's think about this. If you can control the whole world's seed supply, the world's food, then you control every nation, every town and just about everybody and if you want to you can determine the nutritional quality of all human lives...In other words, you can choose who lives...and who doesn't. I'd like to say Monsanto must be stopped but it looks like our leaders decided not to have a referendum on Lisbon and what the Leviathan says is what will inevitably go. The hope and that we must keep, is that all such products are labelled so that people can choose. For current information on the labelling rules click here. It's a story of products yes, animal feed, no. What we're potentially talking about here is like going to McDonalds and feeling hungry 30 minutes later because what you just ate had no nutritional value whatsoever or something worse...only everytime you have a meal.

And if you really want the nail in the coffin of the GM food claims to authenticity and veracity, remember that one of their most fervant loyalists is one Tony Blair, the global peacemaker, malaria-fighter and climate faith healer extraordinaire, who said: “Government must show leadership and courage in standing up for science and rejecting an irrational public debate around it,” said Mr. Blair, referring to “those who have distorted facts to oppose developments such as GM foods.”

For when Tony Blair speaks you know that money talks.

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