Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Poor Countries Accuse the Rich World of 'Climate Colonialism'

The leaders of the West unite in Copenhagen to shaft the World's poor.

Courtesy of The Telegraph

The conference was thrown into chaos on Tuesday by a leaked text, drawn up by the Danish, that proposed both industrialised and emerging countries cut carbon dioxide output in order to limit global warming.

The world’s poor claim that the draft agreement would allow people in developed countries to emit twice as much carbon per head than those in poorer countries, who have not caused the rise in emissions.

The row is showing no signs of calming down, with Tuvalu, a small island state that is in danger of being swamped if sea levels rise, walking out of talks. Lumumba di-Aping, chief negotiator of the G77 group of nations and China, said the text robs developing countries of their “just and equitable and fair share of the atmospheric space.”

The Sudanese diplomat said the West is acting like the British Empire in the past. “This is all based on the dominance and supremacy of developed countries. One could say the Empire has been doing this since the 16th Century, the Empire has always ruthlessly grabbed natural resources - the new resource is the global atmospheric space and carbon space.” [Click here for full article.]

Hard to disagree with the Sudanese diplomat isn't it? Let's start sending copies of Caritas in Veritate to the delegates...

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