UK Christmas Number 1 Outrage

Come back, Cliff! All is forgiven! If you don't like swearing, don't listen. What's happened to this country?! Tenuously, it could be a pro-life song, or an anti-government song, or both, but it doesn't exactly say, 'Merry Christmas one un' all'. Neither does this, but it should have got to number 1 at some stage. I don't know! Where is the justice!?


I think it all went wrong when they changed the producers of Crossroads ; and it all went Archers-y with thrown-in spicey stories that radio4 wouldn't accept...
Not long after we had eastenders, emmerdale going for rumpo rather than bovine tb and amos brierley's hotton courier, and then that hippo in pink - vanessa feltz telling everyone that families were passe, husbands should be dumped and life was one long sex and spending we have a world where every boy wants to be a rap star or a footballer, and every girl wants to be the winner of x-factor or a WAG...well apart from the boys who want to be girls and the girls who are already boys...

It was about the same time that Opal fruits and marathons had their name changed and wagon wheels went significantly smaller...

I blame...well anyone apart from me of course !
You're right! The Opal Fruits connection. How can that be a co-incidence!? Oh yes, change the name from Opal Fruits which is pure and wholesome, to Starburst, which is luciferian and full of rebellion.

'Marathon' suggests that life is one of toil, sweat, labour and sacrifice, whereas 'Snickers' suggests life is a big game of ducking, weaving, dodging and diving. Also, it rhymes with knickers which lead the unmarried into sin.

These are dangerous times.