Sunday, 13 December 2009

The Terrible Error of Eugenicists

I have written much on the seeming reappearance and reemergence of eugenics in the 21st century. In the light of Advent it is worth pointing out that these Galton Institute professors see themselves as pioneers of genetics and evoluntionary theory. They are, essentially, Darwinists to the core. They seem themselves as continuing Charles Darwin's pioneering research on evolution.

In fact, they are evolutionists in the truest sense of the word. Yet, in their blindness to their own failings and their own mortality, vulnerability to illness and disease, they are obsessed with the fact that the human being has not naturally evolved to the point to which they imagine it should.

They, therefore, in the absense of a belief in a Creator, take to themselves the responsibility of 'improving' the human condition - of 'bettering' the human being - in order to create something akin to the 'superman' - the man who is perfectly evolved. This is how they view themselves - as creators - as gods.

Man has not evolved physcially enough for them to be 'fit' to survive everything. Man is mortal. Their quest, therefore, is not just for the perfect human specimen, but for the 'elixir of Life' itself. They are searching to create what eugenicists have long dreamed of - the immortal man. These men are miserable creatures indeed, because evolution in man has stopped. They cannot accept this because they have applied Darwinism to man, as an ongoing process.

One can only assume that their dream is to destroy death and to create man not in the Image of God, but in the image of what they think men should be - healthy, fit, 'moral', genetically sound, free from disease, weakness, illness and moral failure. This phenomenom - eugenics - is Charles Darwin's legacy to mankind. His followers see him as their hero, the pioneer of not just evolutionary theory - but human evolutionary theory. This legacy, which was taken up quickly by Darwin's own descendants, his own blood family, who attracted more followers from the 19th century up until the present day, is a danger to mankind because they have misunderstood or entirely neglected the whole of Christological theology.

Christ is the New Man, the New Adam and Our Blessed Lady is the New Eve. These sinless creatures redeemed our fallen nature and Christ, though He was without sin, was not afraid to enter into the heart of human suffering and take upon himself all of our failures, our sufferings, our faults, our sins and even the stigma of disease. He was not afraid to become 'the outcast'. The Blessed Virgin, by merit of her Motherhood of God, is co-redemptrix who too, experiences the agony of the darkness, suffering and sorrow of the human condition.

The 'New Man', and this is something these eugenicists do not realise, is something that Christ brings forth from man. Out of man's weakness, He brings holiness and salvation. The true progress of the 'New Man' is an entirely interior process hidden from the minds of scientists. It is a process which takes place in the soul, in the human heart. Holiness, sanctity, beauty, even immortality (for each of us has an immortal soul) and 'progress' do not take place in the laboratory - these things takes place within us! For this reason, these misguided scientists who seek to create man in their own image, should at least receive some pity from us who know the kind of evil they will unleash on the World, because these poor, deceived and miserable souls cannot see that they too are made in the Image and Likeness of God.


Human Ape said...

Do you have any evidence for your magic god fairy?

I didn't think so.

The Bones said...

A little, yet you would likely not believe it.

There's a lot of evidence, however, for the destructive tendency of Darwinism on society, as seen in the Holocaust, the Eugenics Society's promotion of abortion and contraception for the poor, and blacks, and mentally ill and sick etc.

I'm saying these eugenicists, these Darwinists have a history of robbing us of our humanity, even to condoning murder in the name of 'progress'. This trend will continue and surely get worse af the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act.

The Bones said...

I might add also, having browsed your website, that you believe in Darwinism with the fervency and 'Origin of Species'-thumping evangelism or any 'Bible'-bashing creationist. Both you and they scale new heights of ignorance.

The Bones said...

Readers (there must be a few)

Send your 'evidence for the magic god fairy' to the comments box of the gentleman if you like.

~Joseph the Worker said...

"Do you have any evidence for your magic god fairy?" - Human Ape

What do fundamentalists and evangelical atheists have in common? They both resort to immaturity instead of sound discussion.

Physiocrat said...

Eugenics was popular amongst late 19th century atheists. It was taken up particularly in Germany and Sweden.

It is essentially about the creation of a Master Race. The technique is to get rid of poor stock, first by abortion and then by, well, getting rid of them. This is quite simple. You find a suitable site with good rail connections and enclose it with barbed wire to stop people escaping. Within the site you construct as many gas chambers and crematoria as you need. You can get rid of about 3000 people in one gassing which is very efficient, and it does not upset those who are doing the gassing as they just have to drop the poison gas in to the gas chamber through a hole in the roof. It takes about a day to clear the gas chamber and burn all the bodies, ready for the next consignment. There is a need for somewhere to dispose of the large volume of ash. Alternatively the corpses can be rendered into soap, fertiliser etc.

A nice feature is that the fitter arrivals can be assigned to the unpleasant tasks until they are too weak to work and then they can be got rid of in the usual way.

Using this technique accelerates the process of natural selection dramatically, as well as reducing the carbon footprint and helping ot save the environment.

It can also be used to get rid of people with inconvenient beliefs, for example people who believe the sky fairy. I am sure such a programme would appeal to Human Ape.

Seriously, though, don't blame Darwin for this nonsense. He came up with a well-founded theory which has been strongly supported by evidence from a diversity of disciplines.

Eugenics is a misapplication of Darwin's theory just as bombs are a misapplication of explosives, which are in most circumstances useful tools.

The Bones said...


I don't blame Darwin...
I blame Charles Galton Darwin, one of Darwin's descendants.

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