Sunday, 20 December 2009

Rome is Where the Heart Is

The Catholic should, while remaining conscious of his own unworthiness, stand in opposition to the moral vicissitudes of his time. He should be a sign of contradiction to the World. He should astonish unbelievers not in the performance of great works but by his simplicity of heart. He should delight in the truth. His life should bear witness to truths Eternal, Timeless and Divine. He should expose the errors of the World cheerfully and with charity, knowing that in Christ alone is true joy, that man's vocation without Him is bereft of true meaning and that without Him the foundations on which stand even the loftiest of human principles will whither, decay and fall, built as they have been, upon falsehood.

Conscious of his weakness and his dependence on God alone, he should take comfort in the knowledge that nothing is impossible for God. In discovering that God is Truth and Love, he should proclaim it in word and deed and lead others to know that only in the fiery abyss of love, dwelling in the Heart of Jesus, can man find his true vocation and joy. He should not fear the desolation of the Cross, nor the insults of men, nor their ridicule, nor any form of suffering. He should fear no man, for the truth that he has found drives him on and this truth he should defend, even unto his dying breath, even unto the shedding of his own blood for the sake of Christ and His Gospel, for in return for so honouring God, God will surely honour him.

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