Sunday, 13 December 2009

Blair: "In 45 Minutes We Die, if No Copenhagen Deal"

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, buoyed by the news that the really hard questions in the Chilcott Inquiry will be asked behind closed doors, even though the UK was told his testimony would be "very much in public", has gone to Copenhagen to add his credibility and diplomatic schutzpah to the summit, in which the World's leaders plan to single-handedly save mankind from imminent doom.

Speaking to the press, Mr Blair urged the World and its elected representatives to support an agreement on carbon emissions, saying, "There be weapons of mass destruction in them there glaciers. If we don't get an agreement now, literally in 45 minutes, whole countries will be under vast deluges of water and sulphuric acid will pour down from the sky upon parts of the World, especially the home counties. I know I mislead Parliament, the UK population and pretty much the entire world about WMDs as a justification for action the last time, but this time, folks, I really mean it. Also, I know the science isn't settled but, look, if we don't do something now, we're all going to die, just trust me."

Meanwhile, the IPCC again defended the science, saying rumours that the 'global warming dossier' had been 'sexed up', were untrue.

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Physiocrat said...

Leave out the science, you cannot believe a word that anyone says, but how many vineyards are there in the Brighton area today, and how many were there in 1949, and what does that tell us?

The "deal" is another matter, as the money will not go to "saving the planet" but will be pocketed by politicians and their cronies, as usual. And it is the poor who will pay.

Third point is that it is a good thing in itself to lead an ascetic life, and there is probably a limit to the size of the population that the planet can sustain, so the way to save the planet is for people to become Catholics and to follow religious vocations, preferably in orders requiring a vow of poverty.

Problem solved.

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