Friday, 11 December 2009

Codex Alimentarius: When Latin Turns Ugly?

Some people learn from the gross evils committed in history. Some people learn from the gross evils committed in history and think of new ways to make them more efficient. As someone who smokes too much, drinks too much, takes in too much caffeine and has a distinct lack of vitamins and minerals in my bloodstream, Codex Alimentarius might not make a great deal of difference. But do the public really want nutrients to be reclassified as poisons and be forced to feed genetically modified aubergines to their children? There is nothing of this story in the mainstream mass media. It should be going viral before, err...we do.

Courtesy of Natural News

Your right to eat healthy food and use supplements of your choice is rapidly vanishing, but every effort has been made to keep you in the dark about the coming nutricide. Codex Alimentarius is scheduled for full global implementation on December 31, 2009, and not a word has been spoken in main stream media about this threat to humanity. Yet, according to the projections based on figures from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), a minimum of 3 billion people will die from the Codex mandated vitamin and mineral guideline alone.

Codex is the enemy of everyone except those who will profit from it. Codex has an association with those who committed crimes during the Nazi regime. At the end of World War II, the Nuremberg tribunal judged Nazis who had committed horrendous crimes against humanity and sentenced them to prison terms. One of those found guilty was the president of the megalithic corporation I.G. Farben, Hermann Schmitz. His company was the largest chemical manufacturing enterprise in the world, and had extraordinary political and economic power and influence with the Hitlerian Nazi state. Farben produced the gas used in the Nazi gas chambers, and the steel for the railroads built to transport people to their deaths.

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berenike said...

I'm sure there are things to find fault with in all this, but my bet is that your source, and most of those making a fuss about this, are sellers of Herrubs worried about not being able to sell Organic Horse Shit Extract as a valuable food supplement for nursing mothers, ekcetra.

Follow de money.

(I'm a great fan of eco-friendly food, by the way, and it is a Fact that putting orange essential oil in the bath = instant added cheerfulness.)

Unknown said...

Actually, most of the people who have a problem with Codex are the people who grow organic food, and use natural pesticides such as Neem Oil... go ahead and search "thailand forbids Chili, Turmeric, Neem"... the Codex is an implementation of licensing.. by the way, in a free country people are allowed to buy Organic Horse Shit Extract if they want to... as long as it's labeled correctly. Folks need to wake up and use our minds.. just rent the movie "food inc." for an inside look at our food system... do you know that our current food safety czar used to be lead attorney for Monsanto? DO you know that the executive director of CLA (Crop Life Association), the organization that protested Michelle Obamas organic garden (they were appalled she wasn't going to use pesticides) .. he is in charge of all international trading and safety policy of pesticide use... so yes, you should have a problem with the very people who are f#cking with our food system are going to control your choice.. you will have to get a license to use herbs. It's all good though, enjoy your baths.. soon you'll be paying a carbon tax for the hot water you use.. you can google that too.. Carbon Pass . Just open your eyes.
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