Sunday, 13 December 2009

"Professor Dawkins, What if You're Wrong?"

Watch how Richard Dawkins evades the question, "What if you're wrong?", from a student, by immediately rubbishing all beliefs or faiths, likening Christiantiy, Islam and other World religions to 'pink fairies in the sky', like the naughty little schoolboy at the back of the class that he is.

Surely the real answer to the question, "What if you're wrong?" was, "Then, if I am wrong, I will most likely burn in Hell for all eternity for my own heresy and for leading others into heresy, sin and rebellion against our Maker and Redeemer."

Alas, he couldn't quite bring himself to say that but then, frankly, who can blame him?! It's a big question! Hopefully he'll consider it more before he dies.

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