Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Cardinal Kasper and 'Third World Countries'

African American Jessy Owens wins the 100 metres at the 1936 Olympics under the watchful eyes of Adolph Hitler
Oh dear!

The car crash Synod has just produced a car crash interview.
There must be a feeling somewhere in Rome that if Pope Francis 'stands by his man' then it might be something of a car crash for His Holiness as well. 'Who am I to judge?' I'm not sure that will pass this time!

Africans, eh? They're good at the Olympics but they're don't quite have the enlightened 'serene theology' necessary for the 21st century do they, Cardinal Kasper?

The Africans obviously haven't been 'civilized' by the West enough yet. While our suicidal birth rates, family and marital breakdown and encouragement of the 'gay community' in the West suggest the implosion of an entire culture, apparently it is the Africans who need 're-educating'. Their faith and experience has nothing to contribute to the Synod, apparently. What cheek!

What exactly is the difference between Kasper's view on the African bishops and the prevailing Western imposition of population control on Africa because even though they haven't asked for population control, the Western nations think they know what is best for them?

Do they have Racial Justice Sunday in Rome, or is that just a collection in England and Wales

Obviously, when Cardinal Kasper describes himself in terms of a mouthpiece for the Pope, we can safely say that on this occasion Pope Francis and Cardinal Kasper do not see eye to eye. Otherwise on the one hand we would be 'helping migrants' while at the same time treating their opinions with contempt. Whatever that is, that's not exactly the Second Vatican Council's vision of 'mission'.

Pope Francis values the contributions of Africans to the Church.

It's just Cardinal Kasper, I would hope, who doesn't want to listen to their thoughts 
on the family, marriage, the Sacraments and the protection of human life.

In terms of courting the World this Papacy has been 'successful' in terms of PR, but there is no accounting for what will happen when the prelate who called the UK a 'third world country' is taking interviews...


Ches said...

Have to confess I'm howling with laughter about this though!

A German looking down his nose at other cultures - it's just too much!

Martina Katholik said...

If you read all you mentioned through the United Nation´s programms all fits perfectly together.

Peter Sutherland, UN-Migration Chief and financial adviser of Pope Francis explains here why we all need migration:
EU should 'undermine national homogeneity' says UN migration chie and here:

Regarding the bishops in Africa, to which Card. Kasper and friends won´t listen:

"Recent data from the Church suggests that Catholicism is growing fastest in sub-Saharan Africa compared to other regions of the world. It is also the one region in which the MDGs are struggling the most.

Having the titular head of the Catholic Church give this strong an endorsement of the MDGs–and of the UN’s development agenda more broadly — is a very big help to the cause."

- See more at:

"sub-Saharan Africa, the one region in which the MDGs are struggling the most" stands for:

too many babies, not enough abortions, not enough family planning and not enough rampant homosexuality which are all according to UN-specialist Joan Veon means for the UN to reduce the population (one of their main goals).

See 0.49 min in her video:

So Pope Francis "is a very big help" to both causes: migration and MDGs.

Anonymous said...

You are one of a tiny number of public commentators that speak the whole truth - thank you. May your reward be great in heaven.

Deacon Augustine said...

"It's just Cardinal Kasper, I would hope, who doesn't want to listen to their thoughts..."

Except wasn't it the Pope who failed to appoint one single African bishop to the committee which will draw up the final version of the Relatio?

Maybe Kasper is just acting on his master's orders. In fact your photo of him reminds me of the Voice of Sauron.

Mary Kay said...

Amazing! Thanks for this post. May it be forwarded repeatedly.

Lepanto said...

Kasper has shown himself to be an idiot who clearly couldn't run a whelk stall (Deo Gratias). The Pope must wonder what he was thinking to put this fool in charge of his dreadful project to rewrite the laws of God which is now (hopefully) in tatters.

Robert said...

As Churchill said:"we do not make war against c
Governments and races but against tyranny." If African bishops uphold tyranny then they are a fair target. As for Burke, living up to his name, he and the other disloyal cardinals should be saocked.

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