Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Our Lady of Guadaloupe's Miraculous Image on UK Soil

The miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadaloupe is in the UK. It is touring. Here are the dates, with thanks to Maria Stops Abortion to whom I give a tip of the cap:

  • 24th/25th July: Cathedral, Birmingham, Day for Life

  • 7th September: Our Lady of Guadalupe Bedford Guardians Group, Knights of St Columba, full programme, Northampton 7:30pm, Service of Reception, Exposition, Prayer Vigil and Watching until midnight.
  • 8th September: Northampton, 7:30pm, Penitential Service
  • 10th September: Northampton Family/individual testimony and Prayer Service, Rosary
  • 12th September: Through Bedford main streets. Priests, parishioners and members from Catholic Churches and organisations in the Pastoral Area. Northampton, 2pm, Procession of Faith to celebrate the Visit of the Image, solidarity/support for Holy Father’s Visit to England. Ends with Liturgy and Musical Celebration (venue TBA)
  • 13th September: Holy Child and St Joseph, Bedford Northampton 7:30pm Diocesan Solemn Mass of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Bishop Peter Doyle
  • 16th September: Holy Child and St Joseph, Bedford, Northampton. Thanksgiving Mass 7:30pm, Service of Leaving

  • 7th October: Sheffield, Cathedral, Hallam. Mass
  • 9th/10th October: Cathedral, Southwark. Mass: 10, 11:30, 1pm Spanish
  • 10th/11th October: New Addington, Southwark Holy Hour, Mass
  • 17th October (tbc): City centre pro-life witness and devotions, Birmingham
  • 25th October: St Charles, Hull, Middlesbrough
  • 26th October: St Wilfrid, York, Middlesbrough

  • November (tbc): University Catholic Chaplaincy, Manchester Salford
  • November (tbc): St Mary’s ‘The Hidden Gem’ Manchester Salford
  • November (tbc): St Marie’s, Bury, Salford
  • November (tbc): St Mary’s, Burnley, Salford
  • 19th/20th/21st November: Tapyr Menevia

  • 3rd/4th December: Ss Peter and Paul, Ilford, Brentwood. Vigil 7:30pm, 10am Mass,  Novena Our Lady of Perpetual Help
  • 11th/12th December: Cathedral Westminster Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

  • Arundel and Brighton: Awaiting response
  • Leeds: Awaiting confirmation
  • Liverpool: Awaiting confirmation
  • Aldershot Cathedral, Bishopric of the Forces: Awaiting confirmation 

For further details contact Edmund Adamus, director of the tour on 020 7798 9363 or email him at

Gosh...They kept that one quiet, didn't they? I hope the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton 'responds' soon to the question, 'Would you like the miraculous Image of Our Lady of Guadaloupe to visit your Diocese for the devotion, reverence and piety of the Faithful?' soon! All the other Dioceses, yes, even Leeds, are awaiting 'confirmation'. Arundel and Brighton appears to be the only Diocese who haven't got back to the letter/phone message/email yet. Sigh. You know, its only the miraculous Image of Our Lady that even independent scientists cannot explain, that near single-handedly converted Mexico and nearly all of Latin America to the Holy Faith. We'll put it on the backburner for now, shall we? Put that at the bottom of the 'to do' tray! Good grief!

Click here for a lovely video depiction of the story of Our Lady of Guadaloupe and the miraculous image of the Blessed Virgin Mary that appeared on the tilma of St Juan Diego.


pelerin said...

Thanks for the details - I had not read about the tour of this image but on googling around find that it has been in Britain since March. I am tempted to ask whether perhaps the invitation to our Bishop got lost in the post? It is more likely that knowing that both Westminster and Southwark cathedrals are both hosting the image he probably realises that most of us down here can get to London easily so that could be why he has not replied. Just a thought.

It is not the original image of course, but a copy but it is good to know that it is being received in other dioceses including the Cathedrals of Westminster and Southwark. Southwark's first date coincides with the Rosary Crusade this year which I understand is on the 9th October so that is good timing!

Kate said...

Sadly, She is not coming to Plymouth...permission was not granted.

The Bones said...

A Bishop putting up two fingers at Our Lady? Surely not!


georgem said...

Oh, come on. I thought everyone knew that +Conry doesn't have time for all that old-fashioned nonsense - like confession and salvation and wearing his priest's collar.
No, he'll be saving his strength for the liturgical dancing in Hyde Park.

Richard Collins said...

Good information Lawrence. You mention our Lady visiting Tapyr Menevia. This is, in fact, the National Shrine of Wales, Our Lady of the Taper in Cardigan (Menevia Diocese)
There are regular Latin Masses at this church and the shrine has equal status to Walsingham as being the "national" shrine.
It would be helpful if bloggers could carry a link to this shrine.

me said...


Sue said...

All the events taking place between September 7-17th 2010 will be in BEDFORD (not Northampton town)

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