Sunday, 11 July 2010

Catholic Priest Spotted at Car Wash

I saw Fr Taddeusz, Brighton's Priest to the Polish Community yesterday, by sheer chance, at the Texaco Car Wash in Hove.

We had both decided to take advantage of the petrol station's 'budget' offer of a car wash for just £2 - an absolute bargain, I think you'll agree.

He was having trouble working the machine. The staff came out and sorted it out for him. What I found surprising was that he got out of the car just before the car wash started! He walked out and said, "I can't bear to be in the car when the car wash is going on. It frightens me."

This after years of Communist persecution in Poland! He's an Oratorian and when he came over here went straight to the Brompton Oratory and was then sent to Brighton to serve the Poles.

He was glad that there were three Polish players in the German team including Klose and Podolski. He's been busy with weddings, baptisms and the like and I had to inform him that the Germans had been knocked out 1-0 by the fearless Spaniards. He's a lovely Priest and obviously is keen to see my fiancee and I marry and unite both England and Poland in a wave of sentimental tear-jerking harmony.

Personally, I find it part of the fun of going to a car wash is being in the car while the machine does its thing. I love it! I can't get enough! Fr Taddeusz was kind enough to advise me to take the radio aerial out of the top of the Panda, something I've never done when going for a car wash. Then I watched as he drove off into the sunset. God bless him. God bless all you Poles out there, too.


berenike said...

Nonono, I'm no longer fooled - the truth is out. The Poles in your parish sing the Shrek Alleluia at Mass!

Basil said...

I agree - I have loved car washes ever since childhood. It was the same feeling when inside a tent as it poured with rain - somehow comforting.

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