"This Time Next Year..."

I discovered with great joy yesterday that the Open Market off London Road is running car boot sales every Saturday 8am - 3pm throughout July and possibly every Wednesday in August.

I managed to cram a load of tat (remember Gerald Ratner's big mistake?) from the garage of St Mary Magdalen's today into my car and flog some. It's really incredible what crap people will buy if its a bargain!

Someone offered to buy my car. I said £5,000 minimum. He took my number! If I got that I'd get a half-decent van and start doing this buying/selling scam bigtime. We didn't do half-badly, not that great, but a weekly thing would be a regular source of income for the Building Fund. Who knows, maybe I can begin collecting stuff and make some money myself.

I do love a good car boot sale. Friends have been encouraging me to go to auctions and sell stuff to try and make a living. I've also got the pickles and chutney recipe book waiting if I should get a regular stall somewhere. Among other items, I sold some nice statues of Our Lady and one of St Therese of Lisieux so interest in the Faith is still alive in Brighton. I've no proof they were blessed so I don't think its simony...

Mario, a car boot trader next to me bought the statue of St Therese and told me that his mother, when alive, was visited by St Therese who he said was instrumental at various 'pivotal' points in her life. I remember seeing 'La Vie En Rose', the life story of Edith Piaf and being struck by her devotion to the Little Flower who, according to the film at any rate, appeared promising her protection to her and cured her of blindness when she was very little. He said he'd just started doing car boot sales and it had become already, 'like another religion' for him. I think trading can be a bit like that! Very addictive!

My friend George says he is into the idea as well, going to auctions and the like and getting a van and eventually getting a shop and restoring furniture and musical instruments and the like. Say a prayer for a chap called Ben, (a great blues guitarist, hope you see him in action soon) who I saw on the way home. He got badly beaten up the other week and has stitches. He was sleeping rough for three weeks having got kicked out of YMCA for being 'aggressive'.

I've been to the YMCA before and seen their 'banned' list behind the counter and its very long. I don't understand it. Surely, if you are in the 'business' of running a homeless hostel for alcohol and drug addicts you must be able to handle 'difficult' people! You can't just kick them out every time they lose their rag and leave them on the streets for 3 weeks, with mental health problems and expect everything to be okay for them! Ben said that if all the drug addicts and alcohol addicts suddenly got clean and sorted their lives out all the people who work at YMCA would be out of a job. There is a need for a hostel in Brighton that, having taken the housing benefits cheques from the Government, actually makes an effort to substantially support and help society's most vulnerable, rather than just using them for the funding and then spitting them out...

Anyway, to finish this post, I'd like to point you in the direction of a contributer of The Tablet and lecturer at Roehampton University in Theology who needs some Veritate in Caritas. I expect most people who browse this blog will have already done their solemn duty and given her a good denouncing already in her comments box, having seen Fr Ray Blake's post.

What fascinates and irritates me is that you get some very learned, very clever, highly educated people in this World who either are Catholic or become Catholic, having 'professed' that they believe that all that the Church teaches is true, but who then become obsessed with sucking the Love, Truth and Life out of the Church like bloodthirsty parasites, by constantly demanding that the Church be conformed to their personal ideas of what the Church should be like and demanding that their 'voice be heard'.

Then, on the other hand, you get people in the World who are simple-hearted and humble who just accept that the Church is Holy and cannot err in Faith and Morals and those people are then considered as dumb, stupid and contemptable because they accept what has been revealed by God to His Church. What was it Our Lord said about 'becoming like little children'? Why do these 'theologians' not take Christ at His word! All that education, all that theology and still no closer to the Truth! These heretics always want their voice to be heard, but rarely, it appears will they actually listen to Our Lord or want His Voice to be heard, nor seemingly, that of His Vicar on Earth, currently Pope Benedict XVI, now gloriously reigning.


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